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    Arkham Intel Exchange: A Steady Start with 11 Submissions, Including Elon Musk’s Wallet

    Successful Launch: Arkham Intel Exchange Emerges as a Game-Changing Marketplace

    Since its highly anticipated launch on July 10, Arkham, the revolutionary “blockchain intelligence company,” has garnered significant attention and already received 11 submissions of valuable information from diverse addresses through its groundbreaking platform, the “Arkham Intel Exchange.”

    This remarkable response from users across the crypto community is a strong indication of a promising and stable beginning for this trailblazing bounty marketplace, where individuals can anonymously buy and sell blockchain information.

    Diverse and Active Bounties on Arkham Intel Exchange

    As of the current moment, the marketplace boasts 32 active bounties, presenting a plethora of opportunities for participants.

    Impressively, 7 of these bounties were posted by Tron DAO, while the remaining bounties were contributed by Arkham Admin.

    Notably, over 72% of the bounties available are valued at 1,000 ARKM, with the lowest bounty set at 750 ARKM.

    One intriguing example involves the hunt for an address owned by AU21 Capital, a well-known blockchain-focused venture capital firm.

    The range of bounties on the platform is diverse, covering various tasks and challenges.

    For instance, participants can seek out the public address of none other than Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, with a rewarding bounty of 1,000 ARKM.

    Furthermore, there are bounties dedicated to identifying addresses associated with Bitwise, a renowned crypto asset manager overseeing assets worth over $1 billion.

    Additionally, the platform seeks information about the entities responsible for exploits like the infamous Nomad Bridge Exploit and the CREAM Finance Exploit.

    Two of the most substantial bounties on the platform are sure to pique the interest of seasoned bounty hunters.

    The first bounty offers an enticing reward of 100,000 ARKM for identifying the addresses that played a role in the downfall of FTX.

    The second, valued at 50,000 ARKM, call for information on the individual or group responsible for the notorious hack of Wintermute, which resulted in the theft of $160 million in September 2022.

    Similarly, there’s another 50,000 ARKM bounty for unveiling an address with a 10,000 BTC volume owned by Grayscale, a digital asset manager linked to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which has already received a submission.

    Arkham’s Launch Controversy: Ethical Concerns and Market Resilience

    In the wake of its launch, Arkham found itself embroiled in a mixture of reactions from the crypto community, primarily due to its mission to “deanonymize the blockchain.”

    Some concerns arose regarding its perceived role as a centralized intelligence agency, sparking controversy and raising questions about potential misuse and data privacy and security.

    Addressing these concerns, Arkham CEO Miguel Morel took to a Twitter Space session to defend the platform, asserting that a lack of privacy is inherent in many blockchains today.

    The platform’s approach enables users to post and accept bounties for blockchain information while maintaining anonymity.

    Once a bounty is successfully completed, the entity offering the reward gains exclusive access to the data for a period of 90 days.

    After this initial exclusivity period, Arkham plans to make the data publicly available.

    Despite the ongoing controversy, the market performance of Arkham remains robust.

    With the current token price standing at $0.5512 and a trading volume of $28,691,764 in the last 24 hours, the platform continues to attract investors’ attention.

    However, the market capitalization has seen a decline of 7.41%, settling at $82,724,049.

    Investors and stakeholders are closely monitoring how Arkham addresses data privacy and security concerns, as these factors could significantly impact the token’s future performance and position within the crypto landscape.

    As Arkham continues to navigate through its early stages, the industry eagerly awaits how this innovative platform will shape the future of blockchain intelligence and information exchange.

    Arkham Intel Exchange Marketplace Home
    Arkham Intel Exchange Marketplace Home – Source:

    Arkham Intel Exchange: Steady Start with 11 Submissions

    Arkham Intel Exchange, the cutting-edge bounty marketplace facilitating the trade of crypto intelligence, has been making waves since its launch on July 10.

    In a noteworthy development, the platform has already received 11 submissions of valuable information, each from distinct addresses, marking a promising and stable beginning for this groundbreaking initiative.

    Active Bounties and Diverse Submissions

    As of 18:18 UTC, Arkham Intel Exchange boasts an impressive lineup of 32 active bounties.

    Of these, seven bounties were posted by Tron DAO, while the majority of the remaining bounties originate from Arkham Admin.

    The platform’s bounty ecosystem is brimming with opportunities for bounty hunters and crypto enthusiasts alike.

    A closer look at the bounties reveals an intriguing trend in their valuation.

    The average bounty stands at 5,931 ARKM (the native token) or approximately $3,677.

    Notably, a significant portion of the bounties, over 72%, holds a fixed value of 1,000 ARKM.

    These bounties cover a range of tasks, from identifying the public address of Tesla’s enigmatic CEO, Elon Musk, to attributing addresses associated with Bitwise, a major crypto asset manager managing over $1 billion in assets.

    The allure of two substantial bounties, each offering rewards of approximately 100,000 ARKM and 50,000 ARKM, respectively, has captured the attention of the crypto community.

    The first bounty focuses on identifying addresses responsible for exploiting FTX during its notable collapse, while the second one seeks information on the individual or group behind the infamous hack of crypto trading firm Wintermute, resulting in the theft of significant funds.

    The Quest to Uncover MicroStrategy’s Address with 10,000 BTC Volume

    Among the array of intriguing bounties, there is one particularly captivating submission.

    An address has offered a bounty worth 1,500 ARKM, encouraging individuals to identify an address owned by MicroStrategy (MSTR) holding an impressive volume of over 10,000 BTC.

    The search for this address presents a compelling challenge, given MicroStrategy’s notable involvement in the crypto space.

    Diverse Buyers, Unique Submissions

    Notably, despite some bounties being requested by specific buyers like Tron DAO and Arkham Admin, all 11 submissions came from distinct addresses.

    This aspect highlights the decentralized and anonymous nature of Arkham Intel Exchange, as participants from various corners of the crypto community actively engage with the platform.

    Arkham Ceo Miguel Morel
    Arkham CEO Miguel Morel

    Arkham’s PR Challenge and CEO’s Defense

    The platform recently found itself entangled in a public-relations firestorm, with a vocal contingent of the crypto community expressing outrage on Twitter over its incentivized program to unveil the identities behind otherwise anonymous or pseudonymous blockchain addresses.

    Critics raised concerns about data privacy and security in such an environment.

    In response to these concerns, Arkham CEO Miguel Morel defended the platform’s approach during a Twitter Space session.

    He argued that a lack of privacy is an inherent characteristic of many blockchains in operation today.

    The platform’s commitment to anonymity and its implementation of on-chain intelligence continue to fuel discussions and debates within the crypto space.

    ARKM Token Performance Post-Launch

    Since its debut just three days ago, the ARKM token has experienced some volatility in its value, witnessing a 13% slide to reach 65 cents.

    As the platform continues to develop and address its critics’ concerns, the market performance of the ARKM token remains closely monitored by investors and stakeholders.

    As Arkham Intel Exchange embarks on its journey to revolutionize the world of crypto intelligence, the crypto community watches with anticipation and curiosity.

    The platform’s ability to strike a balance between data privacy, decentralization, and transparency will play a pivotal role in shaping its future trajectory within the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.


    In conclusion, the launch of Arkham Intel Exchange has been met with both enthusiasm and controversy within the crypto community.

    The platform’s innovative concept of a bounty marketplace for trading crypto intelligence has already garnered significant attention, as evidenced by the 11 submissions of valuable information from distinct addresses since its debut on July 10.

    With 32 active bounties and a diverse range of tasks, Arkham Intel Exchange presents an array of opportunities for participants seeking to uncover blockchain secrets and valuable data.

    Notably, some of the bounties offer substantial rewards, including identifying the public address of renowned figures like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and tracing addresses associated with prominent crypto asset managers.

    Additionally, investigations into exploits and hacking incidents have enticed the crypto community to actively engage with the platform.

    However, the platform’s unique mission to deanonymize the blockchain has sparked ethical concerns and debates over data privacy and security.

    Critics have expressed reservations about the potential misuse of such information and its implications for individuals and organizations within the crypto space.

    Arkham CEO Miguel Morel has defended the platform’s approach, arguing that a lack of privacy is inherent in many blockchain systems today.

    As Arkham Intel Exchange navigates through its early stages, it faces the challenge of balancing its commitment to anonymity and decentralization while addressing the legitimate concerns raised by its critics.

    The market performance of the ARKM token, which experienced a slight decline post-launch, will undoubtedly be closely monitored by investors and stakeholders, influenced by how the platform addresses these issues.

    The future trajectory of Arkham Intel Exchange is both promising and uncertain, as it seeks to revolutionize the landscape of crypto intelligence and blockchain information exchange.

    As the platform continues to evolve and adapt, the crypto community eagerly awaits how it will shape the future of the industry and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding data privacy, security, and transparency in the realm of blockchain technology.

    Joshua Carl
    Joshua Carl
    With his finger on the pulse of the crypto industry, Joshua continues to push the boundaries of knowledge and insight, ensuring that readers are well-informed and inspired by the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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