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    Bitget Takes BHNetwork (BHAT) to New Heights with Exclusive Top Tier CEX Listing

    Bitget, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange, is set to introduce BHNetwork (BHAT) to its Innovation Zone, marking a significant milestone for the digital asset.

    The exchange’s continuous expansion and growing influence in the crypto space make this listing highly anticipated by investors and enthusiasts alike.

    A Top-Tier CEX Listing for BHNetwork

    The listing of BHAT on Bitget reaffirms its status as a top-tier cryptocurrency.

    Bitget’s commitment to providing a secure and reliable trading environment, coupled with its robust user base, makes it an ideal platform for BHAT’s introduction.

    Key Dates to Remember

    To ensure a seamless trading experience, it’s essential to note the important dates associated with the listing:

    • Deposit Commencement: Starting from June 14th at 7:00 AM (UTC), users will be able to deposit BHAT into their Bitget accounts, preparing for the upcoming trading activities.
    • Trading Commencement: On June 15th at 12:00 PM (UTC), the exciting trading activities will begin, offering investors the opportunity to engage in BHAT spot trading.
    • Withdrawal Commencement: From June 16th at 12:00 PM (UTC), users can initiate withdrawals of their BHAT tokens from their Bitget accounts, providing them with full control over their digital assets.

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    Spot Trading Pairs for BHAT

    Bitget has carefully selected the trading pairs for BHAT spot trading, ensuring liquidity and convenience for traders.

    The primary spot trading pair will be BHAT/USDT, offering direct exposure to the BHAT token’s value against the widely used stablecoin, Tether (USDT).

    Spot Grid Trading for Enhanced Trading Experience

    In addition to spot trading, Bitget also supports spot grid trading for BHAT.

    This advanced trading feature enables users to employ grid trading strategies to maximize their potential profits.

    The BHAT/USDT spot grid trading link will be available, empowering traders to leverage this innovative approach to their advantage.

    Enhancing Opportunities for BHAT Investors

    By joining forces with Bitget, BHNetwork aims to extend its reach to a broader audience and provide enhanced opportunities for investors.

    The listing on Bitget’s Innovation Zone signifies the growing recognition of BHAT’s potential and its role in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

    Bitget Spot New Listing Bhnetwork Bhat
    Bitget Spot New Listing BHNetwork BHAT

    BHAT’s Integration with Bitget’s Ecosystem

    The listing on Bitget is a significant step forward for BHNetwork, enabling seamless integration with the exchange’s ecosystem.

    This integration opens up avenues for future collaborations, including potential trading competitions, token staking, and other engaging activities that benefit both BHAT holders and Bitget users.

    Introducing BHNetwork: Empowering Web3 and DeFi Onboarding

    Revolutionizing the Freelance Marketplace

    BHNetwork is a visionary project that aims to revolutionize the freelance marketplace by creating a decentralized platform for global freelancers.

    Comprised of a team of internet marketing freelancers and business owners, BH Network understands the challenges faced by freelancers and seeks to provide a comprehensive set of products and services to facilitate their transition into the Web3 and DeFi space.

    Building a Decentralized Marketplace

    One of the key objectives of BH Network is to establish a decentralized marketplace that operates with minimal management intervention.

    By leveraging blockchain technology, BH Network ensures transparency, security, and fairness in the freelance ecosystem.

    Freelancers can easily onboard onto the platform, connect with clients, and expand their service reach globally, all within a safer and more efficient environment.

    Empowering Freelancers in the Digital Age

    Freelancers possess inherent adaptability, solid IT skills, and a desire to extend their services worldwide.

    BH Network recognizes their potential and aims to empower freelancers in the digital age.

    By providing a seamless transition from traditional fiat marketplaces to a blockchain-powered marketplace, BH Network opens up new opportunities for freelancers to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

    Paving the Way for Web3 and DeFi

    Web3 and DeFi represent the future of the Internet and finance.

    BH Network recognizes the significance of these emerging technologies and seeks to make the onboarding process effortless for freelancers.

    With BH Network’s comprehensive suite of products and services, freelancers can easily embrace Web3 and DeFi, benefiting from the speed, security, and fairness that these technologies offer.

    The Importance of the Freelance Community

    Acknowledging the Backbone of the Internet

    The digital community plays a vital role in shaping the online world.

    Without the contributions of freelancers, the Internet as we know it would not exist.

    BH Network acknowledges the importance of this community and is dedicated to creating a space for freelancers ( within the cryptocurrency market.

    Supporting a Safe and Inclusive Environment

    BH Network prioritizes the well-being of the freelance community and fosters a safe and inclusive environment for its members.

    The platform implements robust measures to manage listings and prevent any illegal activities from taking place.

    Additionally, BH Network provides dedicated customer support to address any issues that may arise, ensuring a positive and secure experience for all users.

    Bitget’s decision to list BHNetwork’s BHAT token on its platform is a testament to the project’s credibility and the exchange’s commitment to offering innovative digital assets to its users.

    With the upcoming deposit, trading, and withdrawal commencements, investors can look forward to exploring the potential of BHAT and leveraging Bitget’s cutting-edge features for a rewarding trading experience.


    In conclusion, BHNetwork is driving the transition of freelancers into the Web3 and DeFi space through its decentralized marketplace and comprehensive suite of products and services.

    By empowering freelancers and recognizing their vital role in the digital community, BH Network is fostering a safer, fairer, and more inclusive environment for freelancers to thrive and succeed in the evolving digital landscape.

    Glenn Austin
    Glenn Austin
    Glenn's fascination with cryptocurrencies was ignited during the early days of Bitcoin, and he has since immersed himself in the study and analysis of various blockchain technologies.

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