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    X Implements Stripe for Creator Payments! What About Crypto Coins?

    X Launches Ad Revenue Sharing for Creators Globally

    In a much-anticipated and groundbreaking move, X formerly known as Twitter, has officially launched its ad revenue-sharing program for eligible creators worldwide.

    This long-awaited development marks a significant step forward for content creators on the platform, as it now allows them to earn a share of the revenue generated from advertisements displayed in replies to the content they post on X.

    By introducing this program, X is taking proactive steps to empower content creators, fostering a thriving ecosystem where their contributions are duly recognized and rewarded.

    The launch of this ad revenue-sharing program is a pivotal moment in X’s journey to redefine its platform and create new opportunities for creators to earn a living directly through their creative endeavors.

    With this initiative, X is reinforcing its commitment to fostering a vibrant community and driving innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of social media and online content creation.

    As creators embrace this exciting opportunity, the platform is expected to witness an influx of diverse and engaging content that will enrich the user experience for millions of X’s global audience.

    Crypto Payments: The Big Question

    As the news about X’s ad revenue sharing program spread like wildfire across the crypto community, it also sparked an intriguing question raised by the official Twitter handle of one of the top United States-based crypto exchanges.

    The question on everyone’s mind is whether X will take the bold step of allowing its users to receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

    Given the growing popularity and adoption of digital assets, the prospect of crypto payments on the platform has been a topic of much speculation and discussion in the crypto space.

    While X has declared financial technology company Stripe as its payment processor for the ad revenue sharing program, crypto enthusiasts are curious to know if and when X will embrace the world of cryptocurrencies for its payment options.

    The potential integration of crypto payments could open up a new realm of possibilities for X users and the broader crypto community, providing a seamless and efficient way to transact and engage with the platform.

    With Dogecoin and Bitcoin being among the frontrunners in the speculation, the anticipation for an official announcement from X about its stance on crypto payments continues to grow.

    As the crypto market eagerly awaits a response from X, the possibilities of a crypto-friendly future for the platform add an extra layer of excitement and speculation to the evolving landscape of digital finance and social media integration.

    Stripe Selected as the Payment Processor for X Creators

    In a strategic move to streamline payouts for eligible creators, X has partnered with the reputable financial technology company, Stripe, as its chosen payment processor.

    Under this collaboration, creators who fulfill specific criteria, including having a minimum of 15 million impressions in the last three months, at least 500 followers, and the coveted Blue verification subscription, will qualify for payouts.

    Stripe’s involvement in facilitating payments for X creators is a significant development, especially in light of its recent launch of a native fiat-to-crypto onramp service, aimed at enhancing the cryptocurrency purchasing experience for customers in the United States.

    This recent offering from Stripe showcases their commitment to embracing digital assets and providing users with easy access to cryptocurrencies.

    The selection of Stripe as the payment processor holds particular significance as it sets the stage for potential future developments in the realm of crypto payments on the X platform.

    With the growing interest in digital currencies and their increasing adoption by mainstream users, the integration of crypto payments could be a natural progression for X.

    By partnering with Stripe, X is positioning itself to be well-prepared if it decides to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies and offer its users the option to transact with popular digital assets like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

    As the fintech industry and the world of cryptocurrencies continue to intersect, this partnership between X and Stripe signals a forward-thinking approach by both companies.

    Together, they are exploring new avenues to empower creators and offer innovative financial solutions that align with the evolving needs and preferences of the modern digital landscape.

    While no official announcement has been made regarding the introduction of crypto payments on X, the partnership with Stripe lays a solid foundation for potential future developments that could transform the way creators are rewarded and engage with the platform.

    As the crypto market watches closely for any updates, the integration of cryptocurrencies into the payment ecosystem of X remains an exciting prospect that could shape the future of digital finance and social media integration.

    Crypto Payments
    Crypto Payments

    Crypto Payments on the Horizon?

    While the current focus is on ad revenue sharing, the possibility of X introducing crypto payments has been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

    Interestingly, Stripe had already added support for cryptocurrency payouts to Twitter creators back in April 2022.

    While no official announcement has been made yet, there is speculation that Dogecoin (DOGE) and Bitcoin (BTC) could be among the first cryptocurrencies supported by X.

    This speculation gained momentum when Elon Musk announced the rebranding of Twitter to X, causing a significant surge in Dogecoin’s price.

    As the crypto community eagerly awaits any updates on the potential introduction of crypto payments on X, the platform’s decision could have significant implications for the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies in mainstream applications.

    For now, creators can enjoy the benefits of ad revenue sharing through Stripe, and crypto enthusiasts can keep a close eye on any hints or announcements from X regarding their stance on crypto payments.


    In conclusion, the recent developments surrounding X, formerly known as Twitter, have sparked excitement and speculation within the cryptocurrency and creator communities.

    The launch of X’s ad revenue-sharing program for eligible creators worldwide represents a significant step towards empowering content creators and providing them with a direct avenue to earn from their work on the platform.

    As the news spread about the ad revenue-sharing program, the big question arose regarding whether X will embrace cryptocurrencies for payments.

    While crypto payments support has been available since April 2022, when Stripe added support for cryptocurrency payouts to Twitter creators, the possibility of X adopting cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Bitcoin remains speculative.

    X’s choice to partner with Stripe as its payment processor for eligible creators is a notable decision, especially considering Stripe’s recent launch of a native fiat-to-crypto onramp service.

    This partnership positions X to explore the potential integration of crypto payments in the future, should it decide to embrace digital assets as part of its payment ecosystem.

    While no official plans have been announced, the integration of cryptocurrencies on the X platform could open up new opportunities for creators and users alike.

    It may pave the way for seamless and efficient transactions with popular digital assets, adding a new layer of utility and flexibility to the platform.

    As the fintech and crypto industries continue to evolve, X’s strategic moves and collaborations with industry leaders like Stripe reflect a forward-thinking approach.

    By keeping a close eye on market trends and user preferences, X is poised to stay at the forefront of innovation in the social media and financial technology landscape.

    Overall, X’s initiatives, such as ad revenue sharing and potential crypto payments, demonstrate its commitment to empowering creators and providing a dynamic and engaging platform for its global user base.

    As the crypto community eagerly awaits further updates, the future looks promising for X as it explores new possibilities and continues to redefine the intersection of social media and finance in the digital age.

    Donna Nielsen
    Donna Nielsen
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