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    Antonio Juliano’s dYdX CEO Comments on SEC Lawsuits: Insights into Crypto Market Regulation

    The decentralized crypto derivatives platform, dYdX, and its CEO Antonio Juliano provide valuable insights into the recent lawsuits filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    In a statement shared on dYdX’s Twitter account, Juliano sheds light on the SEC’s actions and their implications for the crypto market.

    The SEC’s Pursuit of the Crypto Money Market

    Antonio Juliano’s Perspective Antonio Juliano highlights the SEC’s focus on the crypto money market and emphasizes the anticipated trajectory of this situation.

    He notes that the SEC has been pressuring exchanges and cryptocurrency issuing companies to register with the regulatory agency.

    However, Juliano argues that registering a cryptocurrency exchange is nearly impossible, and even attempts to register crypto assets have largely been unsuccessful.

    Binance’s Regulatory Approach

    Consequences and Negative Implications Juliano delves into the SEC’s move against Binance and the consequences the exchange now faces.

    He points out that Binance’s relaxed approach to regulations, especially after the recent charges by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), has led to the current situation.

    Juliano highlights negative statements within the SEC’s accusations, particularly regarding Binance’s operation of an unlicensed securities exchange in the United States.

    He emphasizes the gravity of the situation and doubts Binance’s commitment to compliance.

    The Striking Accusations Against Binance

    Unlicensed Securities Exchange Operations The accusations leveled against Binance, as outlined by the SEC, expose the concerning aspect of unlicensed securities exchange operations.

    Juliano emphasizes the lack of positivity in this situation and cautions against overlooking the severe implications.

    He acknowledges that the accusations are designed to portray the defense side in the worst possible light, further undermining Binance’s compliance efforts.

    Contrasting Binance and Coinbase

    Compliance and Legal Stance Juliano compares Binance and Coinbase, highlighting Binance’s perceived advantage over Coinbase in terms of tighter control over US users and their stance on not serving the US market directly.

    He contrasts this with Coinbase, which is compelled to continue operating within the US.

    Dydx Foundation
    dYdX Foundation

    SEC Lawsuit Against Coinbase

    Lack of Constructive Regulation Antonio Juliano provides insights into the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase and the underlying issues surrounding constructive regulation.

    He highlights how Coinbase received a Wells notice from the SEC and their subsequent attempt to engage in discussions about regulatory clarity.

    Juliano notes that the SEC’s refusal to cooperate prompted Coinbase to file a lawsuit, positioning itself as an advocate for the industry and demanding regulatory transparency.

    The Role of Regulators

    Interpreting and Applying Laws Juliano clarifies the role of regulators, emphasizing that they interpret and apply existing laws rather than create them.

    He draws parallels with the American legal system, where law enforcement must go through the courts.

    Juliano highlights the opportunity for legal defense and collaboration among companies in the industry, united by a shared

    Long-Term Perspective

    Positive Moves and Sensible Regulations in Cryptocurrencies Antonio Juliano expresses optimism about the future situation and the potential for positive developments in the crypto industry.

    He believes that by acting with a long-term perspective, honesty, and being motivated by the positive values inherent in cryptocurrencies, significant changes can be made to shape a world-changing landscape.


    Antonio Juliano’s comments shed light on the SEC lawsuits and their impact on the crypto market.

    He discusses the challenges of registering crypto exchanges and assets, highlights the consequences faced by Binance, and contrasts Binance’s regulatory approach with that of Coinbase.

    Juliano also shares insights into the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase and the need for constructive regulation.

    He emphasizes the role of regulators in interpreting and applying laws while maintaining an optimistic outlook for sensible regulations in cryptocurrencies.

    Donna Nielsen
    Donna Nielsen
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