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    21 Tips On Earning Free Crypto

    Who doesn’t love the joy of earning free crypto or, basically, something for nothing?

    Well, for those who are passionate about cryptocurrency, there’s a world of opportunity to earn free crypto.

    Numerous websites and platforms offer these digital treasures, and all it takes to start accumulating them is a little initiative.

    With the volatility that characterizes the cryptocurrency market, you might end up with more than you bargained for.

    In addition to cryptocurrencies, some platforms even offer cash rewards or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which can easily be converted into crypto.

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through 21 tips + bonuses on how to earn free crypto, covering a wide range of methods and strategies and explaining to you some of the ways you can start earning free crypto.

    1. Signup Bonuses and Referral Programs

    Many popular cryptocurrency exchanges offer signup bonuses to new users.

    For example, eToro provides $10 worth of cryptocurrency as a reward for opening an account.

    If you’re already using a cryptocurrency platform, consider referring a friend to earn additional rewards through the platform’s referral program.

    Another straightforward way to acquire free crypto is by taking advantage of promotions and bonuses that reward you for actions like subscribing to a new podcast, signing up for a newsletter, or following and sharing posts on social media.

    Keep an eye out for these opportunities, as they can quickly add up.

    Signup Bonuses
    Signup Bonuses

    2. Explore Various Exchanges

    Numerous cryptocurrency exchanges incentivize new users by depositing a small amount of crypto into their wallets upon signup.

    This strategy is similar to how traditional brokerages offer cash incentives to new clients.

    While it may require some time and effort, signing up with multiple exchanges can be a worthwhile endeavor.

    It not only diversifies your crypto holdings but also provides a safe and reliable method for earning free coins.

    3. Earn Passive Income

    Crypto staking involves locking up a certain amount of cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the network’s operations.

    In return, you earn rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.

    Staking can be particularly advantageous for long-term investors or those looking to accumulate more coins over time.

    The rewards vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency, with more speculative coins often offering higher returns.

    Some cryptocurrencies utilize a “proof-of-stake” protocol to validate and manage their decentralized systems.

    This approach allows coin holders to participate as validators and earn income by staking their coins.

    It not only supports the network’s infrastructure but also enables you to hold onto your coins while earning additional income.

    It’s worth noting that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has challenged certain staking programs for being unregistered securities offerings, which are illegal.

    For instance, Kraken decided to end its staking program in early 2023 as part of a settlement with the SEC.

    Cryptocurrency Rewards
    Cryptocurrency Rewards

    4. Cryptocurrency Rewards

    Crypto credit, debit, and prepaid cards provide rewards in the form of cryptocurrency rather than traditional cash back or points.

    For example, the Visa card allows you to top it up with either fiat currency (e.g., USD) or cryptocurrency.

    By using this card, you can earn rewards ranging from 5% to 10% back in CRO, the native token of the blockchain.

    Additionally, you receive a 100% rebate in CRO, up to $13.99, when you pay your Netflix or Spotify bill with your credit card.

    Other exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase also offer credit and debit cards that enable you to earn crypto rewards for everyday purchases.

    With these cards, you have the flexibility to choose which cryptocurrency you want to earn as a reward.

    5. Non-Fungible Tokens

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained immense popularity as digital assets and artworks.

    While technically not cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be easily traded for crypto.

    So, how can you acquire free NFTs?

    There are opportunities for giveaways in this world as well.

    If you’re interested in obtaining NFTs, consider these avenues:

    Crypto Project Invitations: Many new crypto projects offer NFTs as “invite bonuses” to their top supporters.

    You can participate by joining a new crypto project’s Discord channel and contributing to the community, which may grant you access to invite bonus pools.

    Twitter Giveaways: Regularly monitor Twitter for NFT giveaways.

    Some projects offer NFTs in exchange for actions like retweeting and promoting their initiatives.

    A simple retweet could potentially lead to winning a valuable NFT.

    Earn And Learn
    Earn And Learn

    6. Earn While You Learn

    One of the most rewarding ways to accumulate free crypto is by engaging in educational activities related to cryptocurrencies on various platforms and apps.

    These platforms often reward users for completing tasks such as watching videos, completing learning modules, or taking quizzes.

    As you progress through the platform’s courses and reading materials, you earn free crypto as a form of compensation.

    Here are some platforms and apps where you can earn while you learn:

    Coinbase Earn: Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, offers Coinbase Earn.

    This program allows you to earn coins and tokens by watching educational videos that explain how specific cryptocurrencies function.

    Yzer: Yzer is an app dedicated to educating users about Bitcoin, economics, and finance.

    You can earn satoshis (SATS), which are fractions of a Bitcoin, by progressing through learning modules and completing quizzes with acceptable scores.

    These SATS can then be withdrawn to a Bitcoin wallet supporting the Lightning Network.

    Simple Bitcoin: Similar to Yzer, Simple Bitcoin is an app that offers learning materials about Bitcoin and finance.

    While it has fewer learning resources compared to Yzer, it still provides an excellent opportunity to learn about Bitcoin while earning SATS.

    Just like with Yzer, you’ll need a Lightning-enabled Bitcoin wallet to withdraw the SATS you earn from the app.

    LunarCrush: LunarCrush is a platform that simplifies the complex world of crypto by aggregating information, news, tweets, and more into digestible content.

    Your active participation on the platform earns you points, which can be redeemed for Lunr, the platform’s utility token.

    PublishOX: PublishOX is a platform that allows both authors and readers to earn free crypto.

    The concept is straightforward: You receive rewards in free crypto for reading an article, and you can choose how much of that reward you want to share with the article’s author.

    The amount you decide is instantly deposited into your account.

    7. Cryptocurrency Education

    Several websites offer you the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency while simultaneously earning a small amount of it.

    Typically, these programs require you to watch educational videos, take short quizzes, and pass them to receive the bonus.

    One notable example is Coinbase Earn.

    However, keep in mind that the cryptocurrency you earn through these “learn and earn” promotions may not always align with your preferences.

    In a noteworthy development, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Coinbase in June 2023, alleging that the exchange had illegally operated as an exchange, broker-dealer, and clearing agency.

    Coinbase was also accused of offering and selling unregistered securities.

    Despite the legal challenge, Coinbase stated its commitment to continue operating its business as usual.

    Earn Interest In Crypto
    Earn Interest In Crypto

    8. Earn Interest In Crypto

    If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings, consider opening a crypto savings account.

    These accounts allow you to earn interest on your crypto while still benefiting from potential price increases.

    Notably, the initial interest rates offered by crypto savings accounts can often surpass those of traditional banking accounts.

    One popular option in this category is a savings account, which features a tiered-rate structure.

    This means that the more cryptocurrency you deposit, the lower your interest rate becomes.

    While high-value coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum may offer an annual return of a few percent, stablecoins often provide several percentage points higher interest rates, making them an attractive option for holding your crypto assets.

    9. Gamify Your Earnings

    For those who enjoy gaming, there’s a fun way to earn free crypto: Play games that reward you with cryptocurrency.

    Here are some games that offer small amounts of free crypto:

    Coin Hunt World: Available on the Google Play store, Coin Hunt World lets you play the game and receive rewards in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    CryptoPop: CryptoPop offers Ethereum or Popcoin as rewards.

    In this game, you group similar coins together to pop them, and the more coins you group, the more points you earn.

    Achieving a higher bonus requires having fewer coins when completing each stage.

    To earn your bonus, you’ll need to create a Coinbase account.

    This game is available on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

    THNDR Games: THNDR has introduced a suite of games that reward you with SATS simply for playing.

    These games cover various genres, from Tetro Tiles (a Tetris-style puzzle game) to Turbo 84 (a racing game).

    Explore these games and start accumulating SATS while having fun.

    The SATS you earn can be withdrawn to a Lightning-enabled Bitcoin wallet.

    Earn While You Surf
    Earn While You Surf

    10. Earn While You Surf

    You can passively earn free crypto by using the Brave browser or installing specific browser extensions designed for this purpose.

    Slice: Slice is a Google Chrome extension that rewards you with SATS for viewing ads while browsing the internet.

    Keep in mind that the SATS you earn through Slice must vest for 30 days before you can withdraw them to a Bitcoin wallet supporting the Lightning Network.

    Brave Browser: Brave Browser is a privacy-focused web browser that offers rewards for choosing to view ads.

    When you download the browser, you have the option to enroll in Brave Rewards.

    By doing so, you’ll encounter high-quality ads and receive Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) as rewards.

    These tokens can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing NFTs.

    Presearch Search Engine: If you’re using the Brave browser, consider installing the Presearch extension for extra rewards.

    Presearch is a decentralized search engine that compensates you with Presearch tokens (PRE) for using its services.

    In addition to rewards, Presearch also promises a reduced number of ads and enhanced privacy.

    11. Crypto Lending

    Take your cryptocurrency game to the next level by participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) through crypto lending.

    DeFi allows you to leverage digital currency and decentralized applications (dApps) to earn money through peer-to-peer lending.

    When engaging in crypto lending, it’s crucial to exercise caution and ensure that the borrowers have the means to repay the lent funds.

    To mitigate risk, consider diversifying your lending across multiple smaller loans or collaborating with other lenders.

    If you decide to explore this avenue, it’s essential to work with a well-established lending platform to protect your assets and interests.

    12. Participate in an Airdrop

    Developers of new cryptocurrencies often conduct airdrops, which are giveaways of their new coins.

    Airdrops serve to generate interest, excitement, and anticipation for the cryptocurrency project.

    To participate in an airdrop, you may be required to perform certain actions, such as following the project on social media, engaging in a Discord community, or supporting the project in various ways.

    It’s important to exercise caution, as not all airdrops are legitimate.

    Some may turn out to be scams, and even if they do deliver tokens, those tokens may end up having little to no value.

    While this may be advantageous for tax purposes, as you may owe minimal to no taxes on worthless tokens, it doesn’t contribute to your wealth.

    Micro Tasks
    Micro Tasks

    13. Perform Micro Tasks

    Earning small amounts of free crypto is possible by performing micro tasks on “crypto faucet” websites and other platforms.

    These tasks can include activities like taking surveys, testing software, reviewing products, or clicking on ads.

    It’s essential to be cautious when engaging in micro tasks, as some of these sites are susceptible to scams, and it can take a considerable amount of time to accumulate a redeemable or substantial amount of SATS, points, or tokens.

    If you have ample free time and find this concept intriguing, consider exploring popular sites like Moon Litecoin, Free Cash, Bituro, Cointiply, and

    14. Take Surveys

    Taking surveys for cash has been a familiar concept on the internet, but now it’s taking a crypto twist.

    Several platforms allow you to participate in surveys and receive cryptocurrency as compensation.

    One such platform is Freecash, which offers surveys, games, and other paid offers on a daily basis.

    While you can opt to receive your payouts in cryptocurrency, you also have the option of choosing dollars or even gift cards.

    Freecash provides an opportunity to earn free crypto while engaging in surveys and other activities.

    15. Walk for Crypto Rewards

    Walking can now be a rewarding activity with apps like sMiles and STEPN.

    These apps incentivize physical activity by offering crypto rewards for walking.

    sMiles rewards you with SATS, and once you accumulate 1,000 SATS, you can withdraw them to a Bitcoin wallet supporting the Lightning Network.

    On the other hand, STEPN rewards your steps with Green Satoshi Tokens (GST), which can be traded on select exchanges.

    Freecash Survey
    Freecash Survey

    16. Freecash

    Freecash partners with advertising and research companies, providing users with location-specific offers and surveys to earn free cryptocurrencies.

    Additionally, you can utilize the Freecash earned coins for various purposes, including gift cards and in-game items such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive skins.

    The platform offers instant crypto cashouts starting at $0.10, supporting cryptocurrencies like DOGE, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more.

    Users can play games and complete various tasks to earn free crypto.

    On average, users earn more than $20 per day on Freecash.

    17. Coinbase Learn & Earn

    Coinbase offers a Learn & Earn program that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while learning about specific crypto projects.

    The program is straightforward – you earn crypto as you expand your knowledge.

    However, it’s important to note that eligibility for this program may be limited to specific countries, and Coinbase is actively working to include more countries in the future.

    Coinbase Earn
    Coinbase Earn

    18. Browse the Web and Earn

    If you’re seeking a way to earn crypto while doing what you normally do—browsing the web—consider using the Brave browser.

    By enabling the Brave Rewards program, you can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) while using the browser.

    Brave blocks typical ads and cookies but gives users the option to view privacy-respecting ads in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards.

    The program is available in most countries, and Brave shares 70% of ad revenue with its users, with payouts occurring monthly.

    It’s essentially getting paid to browse the web, a simple and effortless way to accumulate free crypto.

    19. Faucets

    Crypto faucets are websites or applications that reward users with small amounts of cryptocurrency in exchange for completing tasks like solving CAPTCHA puzzles or viewing advertisements.

    One example is Moon Litecoin, which offers free Litecoin to users who complete tasks such as streaming videos.

    The rewards from Moon Litecoin are typically deposited into users’ micro wallets on platforms like

    Unfortunately, the world of crypto faucets has its fair share of scam websites that promise substantial rewards but fail to deliver.

    Some may require users to pay fees or complete a specific number of tasks before allowing withdrawals, while others may vanish without a trace.

    Therefore, it’s crucial to approach crypto faucets cautiously and conduct thorough research before engaging with them.

    Earn Cryptocurrency While Learning
    Earn Cryptocurrency While Learning

    20. CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn

    CoinMarketCap offers a learn-and-earn program for crypto enthusiasts, similar to Coinbase’s program.

    However, CoinMarketCap takes it a step further by incorporating quizzes to validate your knowledge.

    Participation in this program requires achieving a perfect 100% score on quizzes, and specific tasks may be associated with each course.

    It’s important to note that CoinMarketCap may restrict participation from certain countries, and the program operates on a first-come, first-served basis until the predetermined distribution amount is exhausted.

    21. Bug Bounties

    Cryptocurrency projects and exchanges frequently launch bug bounty programs to incentivize developers and security researchers to identify and report vulnerabilities in their software.

    These bug bounties often offer cryptocurrency rewards, with payouts ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the identified bugs.

    Bonus Tips on How to Start Earning Free Crypto

    – Referral Programs

    Many cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets offer referral programs that reward users who refer friends and family to their platforms.

    These referral programs may provide free cryptocurrency or a portion of the user’s trading commissions as rewards.

    – Trading Competitions

    Several exchanges host trading competitions where users can compete against each other to win prizes based on their trading volume or performance.

    While these competitions can be highly competitive, they also offer substantial rewards, with some exchanges awarding thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency prizes.

    – Meme Kombat

    Meme Kombat introduces a novel concept in the meme industry.

    This platform allows meme combat, pitting iconic memes against each other in on-chain battles with AI-rendered visuals and multiple betting options.

    The core idea revolves around meme battles, such as Shiba Inu vs. Doge, Floki vs. Sponge, or Pepe vs. Milady, randomly selected for engagement.

    AI-enhanced graphics provide dynamic depictions of these meme battles while staying true to the original characteristics of the memes.

    Betting options include P v P (player vs. player), P v Game (player vs. game), and Direct, each offering personalized and statistical probability-based betting opportunities.

    – Lending, Staking, Yield Farming

    Crypto staking is a popular and potentially lucrative method of earning free crypto by locking up tokens in a pool that generates interest.

    Different projects offer varying staking amounts based on factors such as pool size, staking duration, and token value.

    Some platforms, like Coinbase, offer impressive staking yields, with rates subject to frequent changes.

    Crypto lending platforms allow users to deposit crypto and act as lenders to other users, earning yield on their holdings.

    For instance, Nexo offers competitive lending rates as high as 11% at the time of writing.

    Yield farming enables investors to earn passive income on their tokens by participating in market-making activities, with rewards funded by trading commissions.

    While interest rates over 100% are possible on some yield farming platforms, it’s essential to note that these investments can be volatile and carry inherent risks.

    Conclusion: Earning Free Crypto

    Earning free cryptocurrency is not only possible but also an exciting journey into the world of digital assets.

    Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer, these methods offer a roadmap to accumulating free crypto while engaging in various online activities.

    However, it’s crucial to exercise caution, conduct due diligence, and be vigilant for potential scams.

    As the crypto space continues to evolve, new opportunities for earning free crypto may emerge.

    By staying informed and exploring these avenues, you can gradually build your cryptocurrency portfolio without substantial financial investments.

    So, take the first step on your crypto journey and start accumulating rewards one token at a time!

    Remember, while free crypto can be a fantastic addition to your portfolio, it’s essential to diversify your holdings and make informed investment decisions for long-term financial success in the crypto space.

    Watch Out for Scams

    The cryptocurrency world is no stranger to scams, and stories of crypto-related scams have been prevalent for years.

    This issue becomes even more pronounced in the world of free giveaways, as scammers are drawn to individuals searching for the next big thing.

    It’s imperative to exercise caution and diligence when exploring opportunities to earn free crypto.

    Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true, and research any platform or project thoroughly before participating.

    Remember that legitimate opportunities to earn free crypto do exist, but they should always be approached with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    Glenn Austin
    Glenn Austin
    Glenn's fascination with cryptocurrencies was ignited during the early days of Bitcoin, and he has since immersed himself in the study and analysis of various blockchain technologies.

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