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    AiDoge (AI2) Listing Details: Scheduled Listing on MEXC Global and Uniswap DEX

    Exciting news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts!

    AiDoge (AI), a new cryptocurrency, is scheduled to be listed on two prominent crypto exchanges, MEXC Global and Uniswap DEX, today.

    This highly anticipated listing will provide an opportunity for investors and traders to participate in the growth of AiDoge.

    Listing Details

    The listing of AiDoge on MEXC and Uniswap will occur simultaneously at 9 am UTC on Monday, June 19th.

    For those who participated in the token presale, the token claim will also take place at the same time.

    It’s essential to mark your calendars and be prepared for this significant event.

    Here are the details of the new coin listing:

    • MEXC Ticker: $AI2
    • Trading Availability: 09:00 UTC 19/06/2023
    • Withdrawal Availability: 09:00 UTC 20/06/2023
    • Contract Address: 0xe1283567345349942AcDFaD3692924a1B16CF3Cc
    • View the AiDoge contract on Etherscan here.

    MEXC AiDoge Crypto Kickstarter Event

    As is customary with many new cryptocurrency listings on MEXC, the exchange will also host a Kickstarter event for AiDoge.

    Participants in this event have a chance to win a share of the AiDoge airdrop pool, which consists of a staggering 1,488,090,000 $AI2 tokens.

    To learn more about how to participate in the AiDoge token airdrop, click here.

    About AiDoge

    AiDoge is an exciting cryptocurrency project that aims to provide users with an AI-driven meme generation experience.

    With a focus on adapting to the ever-changing crypto world, AiDoge employs advanced AI technology to create relevant memes based on user-provided text prompts.

    The platform also utilizes $AI tokens for purchasing credits.

    With a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 AI (one trillion), AiDoge offers a unique and innovative approach to the cryptocurrency market.

    Here are some key details about AiDoge:

    Token Presale Success

    AiDoge has already achieved remarkable success by selling out its token presale ahead of schedule.

    The project hit its $14.9 million hard cap in just four weeks, demonstrating the high level of interest and support from investors.

    In an exciting development, MEXC is preparing to list the AiDoge (AI2) cryptocurrency on its platform.

    This comprehensive guide will provide you with essential information about the listing, including details about the project, the listing schedule, and how to participate in the associated Kickstarter event.

    Mexc Aidoge Reward Pool
    MEXC AiDoge Reward Pool

    About AiDoge (AI2)

    AiDoge is a unique crypto project that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a captivating meme generation experience for users.

    With its AI-driven meme generator, text-based prompts, and the native $AI token, AiDoge aims to revolutionize the way users interact with memes in the crypto world.

    The project has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 AI2 tokens.

    Listing Details:

    MEXC has scheduled the listing of AiDoge (AI2) on its platform.

    Here are the important details:

    • Trading Availability: The trading of AI2 tokens will commence at 09:00 UTC on the 19th of June, 2023.
    • Withdrawal Availability: Users will be able to withdraw their AI2 tokens from 09:00 UTC on the 20th of June, 2023.
    • Ticker Symbol: AiDoge (AI2) will be listed on MEXC under the ticker symbol AI2.
    • Contract Address: The contract address for AiDoge (AI2) is 0xe1283567345349942AcDFaD3692924a1B16CF3Cc. Users can view the AiDoge contract on Etherscan.
    • MEXC Trading Pair: The AI2/USDT trading pair will be available on MEXC. Visit the MEXC trading pair page for the latest updates and a countdown to the listing.

    MEXC Kickstarter Event:

    To celebrate the AiDoge (AI2) listing, MEXC will be running a Kickstarter event, offering participants a chance to win a share of the AiDoge airdrop pool.

    The airdrop pool consists of a staggering 1,488,090,000 AI2 tokens.

    Here’s how you can participate:

    • Kickstarter Eligibility: To be eligible for participation, users must hold at least 1,000 MX tokens for 15 consecutive days before 16:00 UTC on the 17th of June, 2023.
    • Voting Period: The voting period for the Kickstarter event will take place from 06:00 UTC on the 18th of June to 05:50 UTC on the 19th of June, 2023.
    • Voting Token: MX tokens will be used for voting in the Kickstarter event.
    • Rewards Distribution: Airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally based on users’ total votes once the event concludes.
    Committed Quantity Commitment Coefficient
    1,000 ≤ X < 3,000 1
    3,000 ≤ X < 5,000 1.05
    5,000 ≤ X < 10,000 1.1
    10,000 ≤ X < 20,000 1.15
    20,000 ≤ X < 50,000 1.2
    50,000 ≤ X < 100,000 1.25
    100,000 ≤ X < 500,000 1.3

    Important Links:

    To access additional information and participate in the AiDoge (AI2) listing and Kickstarter event, make sure to visit the following links:


    The upcoming listing of AiDoge (AI2) on MEXC presents an exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to engage with an AI-driven meme generation project.

    The listing of AiDoge on MEXC and Uniswap presents an exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to engage with a unique project in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

    With its AI-driven meme generation platform and the potential for significant growth, AiDoge has already captured the attention of investors.

    Stay tuned for the listing and explore the possibilities that AiDoge offers in the crypto space.

    Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Cryptocurrency investments carry inherent risks, and readers should do their own research before making any investment decisions.

    Donna Nielsen
    Donna Nielsen
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