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    Proposal to Supercharge stETH Liquidity: Lido Finance and Mantle Collaborate

    A new proposal has emerged, urging Mantle to allocate a significant sum of 40,000 ETH (equivalent to $72 million) to Lido Finance’s liquid staking platform.

    If approved, this proposal would establish a strategic partnership between Lido and Mantle, bringing together two prominent projects within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    Mantle’s Expansive Treasury and Layer 2 Development

    Mantle, which recently merged with BitDAO, possesses one of the largest community treasuries in the crypto space.

    With approximately $500 million worth of ETH and $300 million in stablecoins, Mantle’s treasury holds considerable financial resources.

    Alongside its treasury operations, the project’s core team is actively involved in the development of an Ethereum Layer 2 network, aiming to enhance scalability and efficiency within the ecosystem.

    The Aim of the Proposal: Boosting stETH Liquidity and DeFi Integrations

    The primary objective of the proposed allocation of 40,000 ETH is to stimulate liquidity for Lido’s stETH ecosystem on Mantle’s Layer 2 platform.

    By injecting a substantial amount of ETH into the staking platform, the proposal seeks to attract liquidity providers and promote the integration of leading decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and Curve.

    Lido Finance
    Lido Finance

    Strategic Partnership Benefits and Revenue-Sharing Agreement

    In addition to the proposed allocation, the partnership between Lido and Mantle would entail a revenue-sharing agreement between BitDAO and Lido DAO.

    If the proposal is ratified, a portion of the revenue generated by Lido DAO’s treasury will be distributed to BitDAO over a period of 12 months.

    This agreement aims to foster collaboration and mutual benefits between the two projects.

    Lido Finance’s Liquid Staking Protocol

    Lido Finance has emerged as a frontrunner in the decentralized liquid staking sector.

    The platform offers users the opportunity to earn staking rewards from Ethereum while maintaining access to their capital through a derivative token called staked ether (stETH).

    This innovative approach enables users to participate in Ethereum’s staking ecosystem without compromising liquidity.

    The Significance of the Proposal and Its Implications

    The proposal to allocate $72 million to Lido Finance’s liquid staking platform signifies the growing recognition and importance of liquid staking in the cryptocurrency landscape.

    As the industry continues to evolve, more projects are exploring ways to unlock liquidity for staked assets, providing users with flexibility and capital efficiency.

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Integration and Network Effects

    By attracting DeFi integrations, such as Uniswap and Curve, to Mantle’s Layer 2 network, the proposal seeks to create network effects and foster a vibrant DeFi ecosystem.

    The increased availability of stETH on decentralized exchanges would enable seamless trading and further enhance the overall liquidity landscape within the Ethereum ecosystem.

    The Power of Governance and Community Consensus

    The fate of this proposal lies in the hands of the Mantle community, who will participate in a governance vote to decide its approval.

    This democratic and community-driven decision-making process reflects the decentralized nature of the crypto industry and highlights the significance of community consensus in shaping the future of projects and partnerships.

    Lido Finance: Pioneering Decentralized Liquid Staking

    Lido Finance has gained recognition as a pioneering platform in the realm of decentralized liquid staking protocols.

    Traditional staking involves locking up cryptocurrencies for a certain period to support the security and consensus of blockchain networks.

    However, this process often restricts users’ access to their staked assets, limiting their ability to utilize or trade them.

    Lido Finance addresses this challenge by offering a unique solution that enables users to stake their Ethereum and earn staking rewards while maintaining liquidity through the issuance of stETH tokens.

    These tokens represent fractional ownership of the underlying staked assets, allowing users to freely transfer, trade, or utilize their stETH holdings.

    Enhanced Liquidity and Accessibility

    By providing liquid staking options, Lido Finance significantly enhances the liquidity and accessibility of staked assets.

    Users can participate in Ethereum’s staking ecosystem without being subject to lock-up periods or sacrificing the ability to utilize their funds for other purposes.

    This innovative approach to staking has gained traction among investors and DeFi enthusiasts who value the flexibility and capital efficiency it offers.

    Lido’s liquid staking protocol has witnessed significant growth and adoption, attracting billions of dollars worth of assets under management.


    Security and Reliability

    Lido Finance prioritizes the security and reliability of its platform.

    To ensure the safety of users’ funds, Lido implements a robust and decentralized infrastructure.

    The staking process occurs through a network of professional validators, carefully selected for their reliability and track record.

    This distributed validator set enhances the resilience and security of the staked assets.

    Governance and Decentralized Control

    Lido Finance operates under a decentralized governance model, empowering token holders to actively participate in decision-making processes.

    The Lido DAO governs critical aspects of the platform, including fee distribution, security measures, and future developments.

    This democratic approach ensures that the platform’s direction aligns with the collective interests and values of the community.

    Collaborating with Mantle for Continued Innovation

    The proposed partnership between Lido Finance and Mantle signifies a collaborative effort to drive innovation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    Mantle’s robust Layer 2 infrastructure, coupled with Lido’s expertise in liquid staking, creates synergies that can unlock new possibilities for scalability, liquidity, and decentralized finance.

    Together, Lido and Mantle aim to advance the boundaries of decentralized finance, attracting more users, liquidity providers, and developers to their respective ecosystems.

    This partnership not only benefits both projects but also contributes to the overall growth and maturation of the crypto industry.

    The Future of Liquid Staking and Collaborative Endeavors

    As the demand for staking services continues to rise, liquid staking solutions like Lido Finance are expected to play a pivotal role in enabling broader participation and unlocking the value of staked assets.

    Collaborations and partnerships, such as the proposed allocation from Mantle, demonstrate the industry’s collective efforts to drive innovation, enhance liquidity, and create seamless user experiences within the crypto ecosystem.


    The proposal urging Mantle to allocate $72 million to Lido Finance’s liquid staking platform highlights the significance of decentralized liquidity solutions in the crypto landscape.

    Lido Finance’s pioneering approach to liquid staking empowers users to participate in Ethereum’s staking ecosystem while maintaining flexibility and accessibility to their assets.

    The collaboration between Lido and Mantle represents a strategic partnership that seeks to leverage each project’s strengths to drive innovation, scalability, and the growth of decentralized finance.

    As the industry continues to evolve, liquid staking solutions like Lido Finance are poised to shape the future of staking and contribute to the broader adoption and development of the crypto ecosystem.

    Glenn Austin
    Glenn Austin
    Glenn's fascination with cryptocurrencies was ignited during the early days of Bitcoin, and he has since immersed himself in the study and analysis of various blockchain technologies.

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