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    In an exciting development for the gaming industry, a brand-new company, Avalon, has recently made waves by securing an impressive $13 million in funding through Bitkraft Ventures. Comprising a team of seasoned developers with extensive experience in renowned titles such as EverQuest, Diablo, Call of Duty, and more, Avalon is poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape.


    1. The Genesis of Avalon:

    Avalon emerges as a powerhouse in the gaming world, boasting a roster of developers whose combined expertise spans some of the most iconic titles in the industry. With roots in EverQuest, Diablo, and Call of Duty, this team is no stranger to creating immersive, high-quality gaming experiences.

    1. Unveiling the $13 Million Investment:

    The announcement of Avalon’s $13 million funding secured through Bitkraft Ventures has sent ripples of anticipation throughout the gaming community. This substantial investment speaks volumes about the potential that Avalon holds and the confidence that investors have in the team’s vision.

    1. The Vision of Avalon:

    Avalon is not merely content with the status quo. The company has set its sights on redefining the boundaries of gaming, pushing the envelope of what is possible in immersive gameplay, storytelling, and world-building.

    1. Building a New Gaming Universe:

    With the infusion of this significant capital, Avalon is poised to embark on an ambitious journey to construct an entirely new gaming universe. This venture promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience, blending cutting-edge technology with the creativity and passion of a team deeply rooted in the gaming world.

    1. Community-Centric Development:

    Avalon places a premium on community engagement, recognizing that the heart and soul of any gaming venture lie in the players. The company is committed to fostering a strong, inclusive community where feedback and ideas are valued, ensuring that the final product resonates with gamers on a profound level.

    1. A Bright Future for Gaming:

    As Avalon sets forth on this monumental undertaking, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the fruits of their labor. With a team boasting a collective wealth of knowledge and experience, backed by a substantial investment, Avalon is poised to make an indelible mark on the gaming landscape.


    Avalon’s recent announcement of $13 million in funding through Bitkraft Ventures signals a new era in gaming. With a team of seasoned developers hailing from some of the most iconic titles in gaming history, Avalon is on the cusp of forging a new gaming universe. This investment is not just a financial milestone; it is a testament to the faith investors have in Avalon’s vision and potential. As we look ahead, the gaming community eagerly awaits the groundbreaking experiences that Avalon is poised to deliver. Get ready to embark on a new gaming adventure with Avalon leading the way!

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