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    DeForce: DegenPirates’s Genesis

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    NFT Collection Description:

    In the fast-evolving landscape of Web3 technology, one game lab is making waves by producing on-chain games that offer instant rewards and endless excitement. Welcome to the world of DegenPirates, where the spirit of Web3 comes to life through immersive gameplay and unique experiences. Our mission? To ignite the passion of Web3 communities across different chains, offering them a gateway to an easy-to-join and incredibly fun-to-play environment.

    A New Era of On-Chain Gaming

    At DegenPirates, our vision is simple yet powerful: to create a series of on-chain indie Web3 games that come with instant rewards. While we might not be chasing the glamour of mid-core or triple-A titles, we embrace the beauty of smaller-scope projects. This allows us to develop and publish games at an accelerated pace, delivering entertainment value to Web3 users like never before. Our games may be compact, but they’re packed with enjoyment and ready to be explored.

    Beyond Games: A Platform for the Future

    But DegenPirates is more than just a game lab; we’re pioneering an open entertainment platform that extends beyond gaming. Indie Web3 developers will find a haven here, a place where they can showcase their creations and entertainment offerings. Our mission isn’t limited to gaming; we’re cultivating a space where creativity knows no bounds.

    The Power of DeForce NFT

    At the heart of our universe lies the DeForce NFT, a symbol of commitment to the DegenPirates crew. This genesis PFP collection on Polygon holds the key to exclusive benefits within our universe. But the journey doesn’t end there – all future projects from DegenPirates Labs will contribute value to this remarkable NFT collection. DeForce isn’t just a piece of art; it’s a ticket to a world of possibilities.

    Unlocking Possibilities: DeForce NFT Utility

    As a DeForce NFT holder, you’re in for a world of utility and exclusive experiences:

    • Staking for Rewards: Stake your DeForce PFP NFTs to earn the future DegenPirates Gold token ($DPG). Your commitment translates into tangible rewards, creating a dynamic ecosystem that benefits everyone.
    • Exclusive Access: DeForce holders gain entry to exclusive events hosted on Imagine being part of gatherings that celebrate the spirit of Web3 like never before.
    • Airdrops and Beyond: Holders aren’t just passive observers; they’re part of the action. Enjoy in-game item airdrops that take your gaming experience to the next level.

    Strategic Partnerships for an Uncompromised Experience

    DegenPirates doesn’t navigate these waters alone. We’ve forged strategic partnerships that enhance your journey:

    • Chainlink Collaboration: We’re proud to collaborate with Chainlink, integrating their VRF solution to ensure the integrity of remains unshaken. Trust is paramount in the world of Web3, and we’re committed to safeguarding your experience.
    • Unity in Partnerships: Our network of partners includes names like Polygon Monkeys, Normies, Metaland Wolfpack, and more. Together, we hosted an exclusive free-mint for DeForce holders, and the response was astounding, with all available slots filled in just 20 minutes.

    Fueling the Future: Mint Funds Breakdown

    Transparency is our policy, which is why we’re breaking down where mint funds go:

    • Game Development (30%): Every bit goes into crafting engaging and innovative gaming experiences that captivate and entertain.
    • Marketing (40%): We’re spreading the word far and wide, ensuring that the joy of DegenPirates reaches every corner of the Web3 universe.
    • Partnerships (20%): Collaborations are at the core of Web3 growth. By investing in partnerships, we’re fostering a stronger ecosystem.
    • Team Expansion (10%): Our team is our backbone. We’re investing in the best talents to steer DegenPirates toward new horizons.

    Set Sail with DegenPirates

    Are you ready to embark on a journey that marries the excitement of Web3 with the thrill of gaming? DegenPirates invites you to join our crew, explore our universe, and be part of a revolution that redefines entertainment. As we sail into uncharted waters, our compass is set on innovation, inclusivity, and endless fun. The future of Web3 gaming is here – and it’s waiting for you.

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