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    The art world is in a state of constant evolution, with digital and traditional forms intertwining to create unique and exciting opportunities for collectors. In a groundbreaking move, DEGEDOG presents the DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT, an open edition digital print that holds the key to a Physical Fine Art Silkscreen Print. This innovative concept aims to bridge the gap between digital and traditional art, bringing together collectors from both realms and offering them a chance to own tangible assets that transcend the boundaries of the art world. In this blog post, we’ll explore the captivating world of DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT, its mission, benefits, and how it’s transforming the way we perceive and collect art.

    The Genesis of a New Era

    DEGEDOG’s Genesis Drop marks a pivotal moment in art history, inviting digital collectors to step into the realm of traditional art, and vice versa. The core idea behind this initiative is to create a seamless bridge between these two worlds, fostering a sense of unity and accessibility that is often elusive in the art sphere. By providing a pathway for digital collectors to explore the traditional art scene and introducing traditional art enthusiasts to the world of digital collecting, DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT is reshaping the way we engage with art.

    A Tangible Connection

    At the heart of DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT is the concept of tangibility. While digital art possesses its own charm and allure, there’s a certain magic in holding a physical artwork in your hands. With every DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT, collectors are offered the opportunity to redeem a Physical Fine Art Silkscreen Print. This exciting exchange transforms a digital creation into a tangible masterpiece, appealing to our senses and creating a lasting connection between the collector and the artwork.

    Art for All: Accessibility and Affordability

    Art has long been associated with exclusivity, but DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT is changing that narrative. The Genesis Drop provides an affordable entry point for art enthusiasts, with a price tag of $50 USD or 0.027 ETH. This democratization of art ownership ensures that Fine Art is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or financial standing. DEGEDOG’s commitment to inclusivity paves the way for a more diverse and engaged community of art enthusiasts.

    Choosing Your Path: Shipping or Vaulting

    DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT offers collectors a unique choice that empowers their art collecting journey. Upon acquiring a Genesis Print, collectors can decide whether to have the physical print shipped to their doorstep or vaulted for a year. The vaulting option allows for the digital pairing of the artwork to be traded for the duration of the year before claiming the physical print. This blend of flexibility and anticipation adds a layer of excitement to the collecting experience, making every step of the journey meaningful.

    Unlocking Exclusive Benefits

    The perks of being a Genesis Print Holder extend beyond the artwork itself. Collectors are granted a discounted Allowlist spot for an upcoming unreleased official DEGEDOG drop. This exclusive offer includes all 2021 1/1’s in the DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT, each accompanied by its own 1/1 Physical Silkscreen Print pairing. The anticipation of rare color schemes and limited editions adds an element of surprise and anticipation for collectors, making each release a coveted event.


    DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT by DEGEDOG is more than just a print; it’s a pioneering concept that unites digital and traditional art in a harmonious and accessible way. The Genesis Drop’s mission to bridge the gap between these two worlds is not only commendable but transformative. Through tangible assets, affordability, and unique benefits, DEGEDAYS GENESIS PRINT is setting a new standard for art collection. So, which color scheme will you choose? Join the DEGEDOG community and embark on a journey that blurs the lines between the digital and the traditional, forever changing the way we experience and appreciate art.

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