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    Hands by King Overman

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    We are beyond excited to unveil the extraordinary artistry of British artist King Overman through his latest creation, ‘Hands’. This unique collection takes inspiration from his viral series of paintings, spotlighting the life-sized hands ✋ of revered Basketball legends 🏀. With an astounding reach of tens of millions on TikTok, King Overman’s artistic marvels have ignited a global sensation 🌟. Not only have distinguished NBA stars 🏆, but also influential cultural icons, wholeheartedly embraced his masterpieces.

    Dive into the original TikTok video showcasing this masterpiece 📹, and prepare to be entranced by the intricate strokes and vivid depictions that bring these iconic hands to life. However, the allure of ‘Hands’ doesn’t just stop at artistry. It marks a remarkable collaboration 🤝 with none other than Sebastian Markiewicz of CompatibleCreative. With his technical finesse and unparalleled expertise in the realm of NFTs, Sebastian Markiewicz is poised to elevate this release and all forthcoming projects by King Overman into the stratosphere 🚀.

    Initially, ‘Hands’ emerged as a collection of five mesmerizing artworks 🖼️, each meticulously crafted by King Overman on 12″ vinyl canvases. But now, this release transcends expectations, breathing new life into the project through captivating animations and dynamic videos 🎥. Picture records elegantly spinning and serenading on vintage turntables 🎵, creating an immersive experience that transports you into the world of these basketball luminaries.

    Want to witness the magic unfold from inception to completion? Feast your eyes on the captivating time-lapse videos sourced from TikTok, which beautifully capture the artistic process from its very beginnings to its awe-inspiring conclusion. As a delightful bonus, prepare to explore an array of fresh color variations, adding new dimensions and perspectives to the original artworks.

    Intrigued? Enthralled? You won’t want to miss the unveiling of ‘Hands’, a fusion of artistic brilliance and technical innovation, meticulously orchestrated by the synergy of King Overman and Sebastian Markiewicz. Stay tuned for this monumental drop that promises to redefine artistic expression and leave an indelible mark on the world of NFTs and contemporary art. The wait is almost over – be prepared to witness greatness!

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