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    Following a significant decline in value, the NFT ecosystem has seen drastic changes compared to the last bull run. In an attempt to recover losses, make profits, and move past past mistakes, degens are seeking solutions. However, the demand for NFTs has decreased, leading to the creation of the Junkyard—an innovative answer to these challenges!

    The Junkyard is a decentralized repository governed by a group of eccentric rats. Here, you can dispose of unwanted NFTs, declutter your wallet, and earn Junkcoin in return. Additionally, the Junkyard presents an opportunity to try your luck at fishing for rare NFTs that have been abandoned by others, allowing you to rescue potentially valuable pieces.

    Originally launched on the Ethereum network a few months ago, the rats are making a grand return with the Junklands, now on Polygon. This expansion offers a multi-chain experience for the enthusiastic rats out there!

    The Junklands collection on Polygon acts as a super pass granting access to the full Junkyard ecosystem.

    Utility By minting a Junkland, you unlock numerous benefits within the Junkyard, including:

    • 3 to 18 Fishing Tickets to salvage Polygon blue-chip NFTs!
    • A generous bounty of 50k Junkcoins.
    • A lifelong 50% discount on the Polygon fishing experience.
    • The opportunity to participate in Junkcoin staking.

    Key Partnerships The Junkyard is backed by reputable partners, solidifying its foundation:

    • Polygon and Magic Eden provide support for this unique NFT drop.
    • Axelar and Chainlink enable a fully on-chain fishing process.
    • Jarvis Labs designed the Junkcoin tokenomics.
    • Hacken has audited the smart contracts for security.
    • Alchemy contributes super nodes and blockchain APIs.

    Mint Funds Breakdown The allocation of mint funds is distributed as follows:

    • 20% – Covers expenses related to the Junklands NFT drop, such as Magic Eden fees, collaborations, and marketing efforts.
    • 50% – Dedicated to hiring new developers for platform enhancement, team salaries, and the development of new features and mini-games.
    • 30% – Allocated for marketing initiatives, including collaborations, Twitter ads, and the acquisition and disposal of a few blue-chip NFTs.

    With the Junkyard and Junklands, the adventurous rats can embark on an exciting journey filled with opportunities, rewards, and a diverse NFT experience across multiple chains. Join the community, clean your wallet, and explore the possibilities that await you in this decentralized and whimsical ecosystem!

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