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    MakersPlace x Trevor Jones: Alotta Money Charity Exhibit and Auction

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    In the heart of the digital art realm, one name shone brightly: Alotta Money, also known as Philippe Fatoux. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of France, Alotta Money wasn’t just an artist; he was a visionary digital architect who sculpted an extraordinary career by crafting and disseminating his unique artistic flair in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). His creations resonated deeply with both art aficionados and collectors, fostering an immense and fervent community that rallied around his artistic journey. However, the universe was dealt a cruel blow as Alotta Money succumbed to cancer on that somber day of March 3rd, 2022.

    Yet, even in his absence, Alotta Money’s legacy continues to radiate brilliance. An upcoming exhibition and auction have been meticulously orchestrated to honor his memory and extend a helping hand to the cancer charity Maggie’s. This endeavor not only commemorates the indelible mark he left on the world of digital art but also channels his spirit of compassion and generosity.

    Mark your calendars for a truly enchanting event – the renowned Bitcoin Angel Castle Party returns in 2023, gracing the romantic ambiance of the Château de Vallery nestled near the captivating city of Paris, France. This year, the festivities span over two magical nights from September 3rd to September 5th. Anticipation mounts as attendees prepare to embark on a journey that blends the marvels of 21st-century art and technology within the embrace of an ancient, awe-inspiring château.

    What sets Castle Party 2023 apart is its dual purpose: celebrating the symbiotic fusion of art and technology while championing noble causes. The event not only promises an unforgettable experience for art and tech enthusiasts but also offers a unique opportunity to effect positive change beyond measure. The driving force behind this altruistic endeavor is Trevor, a visionary collaborator who envisions Castle Party 2023 as a nexus where compassion and creativity intertwine.

    In a partnership that resonates with the spirit of giving, Trevor has joined forces with MakersPlace, a prominent platform that nurtures digital creativity. Together, they’re orchestrating a tribute that befits the memory of the illustrious Alotta Money. A meticulously curated array of NFT artists will have their masterpieces showcased, adding their own unique strokes to the canvas of remembrance. This curated selection will then take center stage in an exhibition and auction, with all proceeds funneled into the noble cause of supporting Maggie’s cancer charity.

    If you’re captivated by the allure of art that transcends time and technology, if you’re stirred by the resonance of compassion that art can evoke, this event beckons you. It invites you to be part of an experience that marries the ethereal beauty of creativity with the tangible impact of charity. Castle Party 2023 stands not only as a commemoration of a brilliant artist’s legacy but also as an embodiment of the remarkable good that can arise when communities unite for a common purpose.

    Be part of the narrative. Subscribe below to receive updates about this forthcoming exhibition. Join us in celebrating the luminous journey of Alotta Money and in contributing to a cause that transcends art itself. Castle Party 2023 awaits, a testament to the enduring power of art, technology, and human kindness.

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