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    Moonrunners: Primordia Land

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    In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain, innovation knows no bounds. Enter Primordia, a trailblazing project set to usher in a new era with the introduction of the first-ever GreenChip. Hold onto your digital hats as we delve into the exciting world of Primordia and their game-changing initiatives.

    Elevating NFTs with Primordia in the Moonrunners Ecosystem

    Bridging the virtual and tangible, Primordia NFTs emerge as digital parcels of land within the thriving Moonrunners (Web3) ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from the illustrious Moonrunners lore, these NFTs are not just digital collectibles; they embody a vision that extends beyond the confines of the virtual realm.

    Real-World Assets for Tangible Returns

    At the heart of Primordia’s mission lies a commitment to intertwining the virtual with the real. The project’s masterstroke involves the acquisition of tangible assets that stand as the foundation of their innovative pursuits. A sprawling forestry block spanning over 100 acres in scenic New Zealand takes center stage as an inventive and sustainable revenue stream.

    Aiming High: Yielding Returns and Cultivating Growth

    Brimming with ambition, Primordia sets forth an impressive objective: achieving an annual percentage yield (APY) that hovers between 20% and 30%. Such an endeavor is fueled by the team’s dedication to curating a diversified portfolio that not only holds promise but also delivers attractive returns to its esteemed holders.

    From Dreams to Reality: Primordia’s Presale Triumph

    The countdown began and on the 17th of August at 12 pm EST, Primordia officially embarked on its minting journey. But this wasn’t just any launch; it was a testament to the power of community support. A remarkable 238 ETH was successfully raised in an exclusive presale event, exclusively for holders who recognized the unique potential Primordia holds.

    Seeding Innovation: Funding a Green Future

    Taking purposeful strides towards a greener future, Primordia isn’t content with resting on their laurels. The funds secured are earmarked for a groundbreaking venture—a Pet Vitamin company that aligns seamlessly with their overarching vision. This strategic move not only diversifies their interests but also sets the stage for exponential growth in the long haul.

    The Primordia Promise: Redefining Possibilities

    In a landscape marked by constant evolution, Primordia emerges as a pioneering force. Their audacious foray into the world of GreenChips and tangible asset-backed NFTs stands as a testament to innovation’s boundless potential. As Primordia’s story unfolds, it becomes evident that the intersection of blockchain, sustainability, and real-world utility is where the true magic happens.

    Intrigued? Stay tuned as we journey deeper into the realm of Primordia, unraveling layers of innovation, purpose, and the unwavering commitment to redefining the game. The era of the GreenChip is upon us, and Primordia is leading the charge.

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