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    NFT Collection Description:

    In the ever-evolving world of digital art, a new collection has emerged, paying homage to the innovative work of Jack Butcher and his “Opepen” project. Introducing Opepen Blueprint – a limited edition collection of 3500 unique NFTs [ERC-721] that captures the essence of Butcher’s vision in a distinctive and captivating way.

    A Fusion of Art and Engineering

    What sets Opepen Blueprint apart is its distinctive style, reminiscent of an engineering drawing. Each piece is meticulously crafted using a contact printing process on light-sensitive sheets, resulting in a visual experience that seamlessly marries art and engineering.

    The Journey of Opepen Blueprint

    The inception of Opepen Blueprint was driven by a deep admiration for Jack Butcher’s groundbreaking work. This collection serves as a testament to the impact that Butcher’s “Opepen” project has had on the art and digital community.

    A Glimpse into Ownership

    Among the 3500 NFTs in the Opepen Blueprint collection, lies a hidden gem – the rarest NFT of them all. The fortunate owner of this unique piece will find a special reward awaiting them: 0.5 ETH, deposited directly into their wallet.

    A Humble Tribute

    It is important to note that Opepen Blueprint is an independent homage to Jack Butcher’s vision and the Opepen project. While it is inspired by Butcher’s work, it is not officially affiliated with him or the Opepen project. All rights and ownership of the Opepen project rightfully belong to their respective creators.


    Opepen Blueprint stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and innovation that permeates the world of digital art. Through this limited collection, we celebrate the influence of Jack Butcher and his “Opepen” project, inviting art enthusiasts and collectors alike to embark on a journey that fuses artistry with engineering precision.

    Disclaimer: Opepen Blueprint is an independent tribute and is not officially associated with Jack Butcher or the Opepen project. All rights and ownership of the Opepen project remain with their respective owners.

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