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    NFT Collection Description:

    In a thrilling convergence of artistry and technology, the upcoming “Persons, Places & Things” Open Edition drop is set to make waves in both the artistic and web3 communities. This groundbreaking event marks the culmination of Dustin Yellin’s captivating Psychogeography sculpture for NounsDAO, a feat that is poised to be celebrated alongside the much-anticipated FWB Fest.

    A Glimpse into the Commemorative Set

    Central to this remarkable occasion are 22 meticulously curated excerpts of the mesmerizing Psychogeography sculpture. These captivating excerpts will take center stage at the illustrious OpenSea Gallery, a focal point of the forthcoming FWB Festival. Enthusiasts and collectors alike will have the unique opportunity to mint their own piece of this artistic marvel from August 3 to 6, 2023, coinciding with the festival’s thrilling duration.

    A Confluence of Creativity and Collaboration

    The “Persons, Places & Things” commemorative set stands as a testament to the profound partnership forged between Dustin Yellin and two revered pillars of the web3 realm. This collaboration, which intertwines the visionary artist’s prowess with the innovative spirit of web3 communities, has given birth to an extraordinary project. As Yellin delves into the intricate world of web3, networks, and novel models of governance, this set serves as a testament to his unbridled curiosity and exploration.

    Empowering the Ecosystem: Giving Back with Purpose

    This monumental drop does more than mesmerize art and web3 enthusiasts—it embodies a commitment to giving back. A commendable 15% of the proceeds generated from the minting of these exclusive excerpts will find their way to the Nouns DAO treasury. This financial contribution serves as a symbiotic gesture, nurturing the very ecosystem that played a pivotal role in its creation. By contributing to the Nouns DAO treasury, this initiative amplifies their ongoing efforts to unravel innovative mechanisms for capturing additional value, showcasing a dedication that echoes throughout the entire project.

    In conclusion, the “Persons, Places & Things” commemorative Open Edition drop is set to redefine the intersection of art, technology, and community collaboration. The fusion of Dustin Yellin’s evocative sculpture with the dynamic web3 landscape not only ushers in a new era of creative expression but also exemplifies the power of partnerships in shaping groundbreaking initiatives. As the minting window opens from August 3 to 6, 2023, art aficionados and web3 enthusiasts alike are invited to partake in this extraordinary journey of discovery, innovation, and meaningful contribution.

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