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    NFT Collection Description:

    Welcome, brave souls, to the thrilling realm of Pixel Raffle, where luck meets courage in an 8-bit revolution! This NFT adventure promises to be unlike any other, with 555 raffle tickets minting into unique digital collectibles, ensuring that every participant takes home a piece of this digital paradise. Yet, only one will soar to unimaginable heights by winning a staggering 6.9 ETH. Are you prepared to etch your name into the annals of legend?

    About Pixel Raffle

    At the core of Pixel Raffle lies an unwavering commitment to transparency and fairness, upheld by the immutable logic of the blockchain. Each raffle ticket undergoes a transformation post-grand prize selection, emerging as an exclusive Gen 0 PFP (Profile Picture), granting you entry as a playable sprite avatar within the expansive 8-Bit Legends gaming universe. As our inaugural raffle event approaches, keep a close eye on our Twitter and Discord channels to secure your whitelist spot for a chance to seize your destiny.

    The 8-Bit Legends Saga

    Crafted by the ingenious minds at Decent Ventures, 8-Bit Legends comes to life in FOMOtopia, a metaverse that tugs at the heartstrings of nostalgia. Within 8-Bit DeGens lies an extraordinary gaming experience, complete with perks, community advantages, and even real-life rewards. Holding $8BTC or an 8-Bit DeGen not only elevates your status but also bestows upon you exclusive privileges that set you apart.

    Hodler’s Delight: Pixel Raffle Perks

    For those who dare to tread in the electrifying world of Pixel Raffle, a treasure trove of perks awaits:

    1. Auto Whitelist Access: Secure your spot effortlessly with automatic whitelist access, ensuring you’re front and center for this groundbreaking event.
    2. Beta Access: Gain early entry into the 8-Bit Legends universe, allowing you to explore and conquer before the masses.

    And much more! As a member of our vibrant community, you’re in for a host of surprises and exclusives that will make your journey through the Pixel Raffle an unforgettable one.


    With Pixel Raffle, you’re not just a participant; you’re a pioneer in an epoch-defining adventure. The fusion of NFTs, blockchain technology, and the captivating 8-Bit Legends universe is poised to set a new standard in gaming and digital collectibles. Are you ready to stake your claim in this revolution? Seize your destiny and be legendary!

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