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    Scarlette by Laura El

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    NFT Collection Description:

    In the realm of art, there are creations that not only captivate the eye but also tell a story that resonates deeply within. Scarlette, a limited 1/1 art series, emerges onto the scene with its inaugural masterpiece, Echoes of Innocence. Through meticulous strokes and a profound narrative, Scarlette unravels the compelling journey of a girl entangled in the intricate threads of a tumultuous childhood. In the face of daunting odds, we are invited to immerse ourselves in the poignant saga of her resilience—an exquisite battle against malevolent forces that cast shadows upon her world, swiftly eclipsing the innocence of youth.

    The Ephemeral Visions Auction:

    Echoes of Innocence, the inaugural piece of Scarlette’s extraordinary series, is set to take center stage in the upcoming Ephemeral Visions curated auction, hosted by the esteemed AOTM Gallery. The event is slated to unfold in the first week of September, immediately following Labor Day. While the exact date and time remain shrouded in mystery, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates. Follow Laura on X for the latest announcements or feel free to send her a direct message. This ensures you’ll be among the first to receive the eagerly awaited details.

    Meet Laura El: The Creative Genius Behind Scarlette

    Laura El, a digital illustrator hailing from the vibrant city of New York, is the visionary artist responsible for bringing Scarlette to life. With a unique mastery of line work and an unparalleled gift for storytelling, Laura embarked on her journey as a full-time artist in 2019, and there’s been no looking back since. Her artistic endeavors have graced the pages of illustrious publications such as Forbes, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart, and Cosmopolitan. In the fall of 2022, her debut book, “The Lurkers,” earned the coveted title of a “Must-Read” according to Fox News.

    A Trailblazer in the Art World:

    As we step into 2023, Laura’s impact on the art world has only grown more profound. Her works have found their way into the esteemed halls of leading auction houses, including none other than Sotheby’s and Christie’s. From billboards that illuminate Times Square in New York to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, Laura’s art has left an indelible mark on the global stage. She is not merely an illustrator but a force to be reckoned with—an artist who transcends boundaries and redefines the possibilities of visual storytelling.


    Scarlette’s Echoes of Innocence is more than a piece of art—it’s an invitation to embark on a transformative journey through the intricate tapestry of a resilient soul. As we await the unveiling in the upcoming Ephemeral Visions auction, the anticipation is palpable. Laura El’s artistry is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling through visual expression. With Scarlette, Laura has crafted not just a masterpiece, but a legacy that will undoubtedly resonate for generations to come.

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