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    Soul Searchers: Empowering Web3 Education through NFTs on Polygon Blockchain

    Soul Searchers is a pioneering NFT community and Web3 business operating on the Polygon Blockchain. Our primary objective is to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technology, enrich the knowledge of current Web3 users, create opportunities for developers, empower creators, and offer valuable educational resources for NFT communities. We aim to be the leading educational hub for the next generation of learners, artists, and professionals.

    Introducing Searchpad Platform: Your Gateway to Web3 Education

    The Searchpad platform is designed to be the ultimate destination for anyone venturing into the world of Web3, ensuring a seamless and accessible transition. It boasts a range of cutting-edge features, including the Learning Management System (LMS) dashboard, “Learn and Earn” functionality, and an educational marketplace, all thoughtfully crafted to cater to users’ needs.

    Learning Management System (LMS): Unlock the Power of Interactive Web3 Courses

    Through the LMS dashboard, we offer interactive Web3 courses to our users, enabling them to track their progress effectively. Each course comes with a proof of learning certificate, empowering learners to build their Web3 careers confidently. As users progress, they will also earn tokens redeemable for rewards in our reward shop. Course topics cover fundamental Web3 knowledge, navigating Web3, understanding dApps, coding, blockchain development, and more.

    “Learn and Earn” (L&E) Product: Engaging Mini-Courses and Quizzes

    The “Learn and Earn” functionality allows projects to curate short-form content and mini quizzes, educating users about their projects. Upon completing the mini-quiz, users can claim rewards set up by the project, such as whitelist spots, points, NFTs, or native tokens.

    Searchers Marketplace: Connecting Creators and Learners

    Our marketplace serves as a central hub for users to buy and sell services and educational creative content, including multimedia, ebooks, and lessons.

    Searchers Discord Bot: Seamless Integration for Enhanced Learning

    Leveraging Discord integration, we provide a range of streamlined tools, including the L2E tool. Projects can offer engaging mini-courses and quizzes on their servers, with the added benefit of a shop and/or raffle system. Users can use points earned from completing quizzes to purchase items like whitelist spots, Matic, native tokens, and raffle tickets for NFTs. By directly integrating blockchain functionalities into Discord, users can access rewards, including native tokens from highly anticipated projects.

    Utility for Token Holders: Exclusive Benefits

    Token holders enjoy access to premium courses offered by us and our partners, participate in airdrops for upgrading to our V2 art, and can take part in our referral program, earning rewards for referring individuals to courses hosted by individual creators. Additionally, holders have the freedom to run their own courses and access tools provided by our partners.

    Key Partnerships: Enhancing the Ecosystem

    We have established partnerships with Magic Eden, a launchpad partner, Polygon Labs, and other collaborators to further strengthen our ecosystem.

    Mint Funds Breakdown:

    • 40% – Platform/LMS Development
    • 20% – Content/Course Building 1
    • 15% – Marketing
    • 10% – Team
    • 10% – Treasury
    • 5% – Art Upgrade

    At Soul Searchers, we are committed to driving the Web3 revolution forward by fostering a knowledgeable and empowered community of learners, creators, and developers. Join us on this transformative journey into the future of education and blockchain technology.

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