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    Space Mavericks: Goliath Pioneer Spaceship

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    The cosmos awaits as Space Mavericks, the innovative gaming project, announces its groundbreaking NFT release – the Goliath Pioneer Spaceship. This stunning skin for the esteemed Commander ‘Goliath’ marks the advent of Space Mavericks’ NFT journey. Embracing early adopters, the Goliath Pioneer Spaceship comes with unique utilities and benefits, making it much more than just a cosmetic enhancement.

    The First-Ever NFT Spaceship: As the inaugural NFT by Space Mavericks, the Goliath Pioneer Spaceship holds an exceptional position in the digital galaxy. This extraordinary skin transforms the Commander ‘Goliath’ into a symbol of uniqueness and exclusivity, catering to true pioneers in the gaming realm.

    Unveiling the Additional Utilities: Going beyond a mere cosmetic NFT, the Goliath Pioneer Spaceship offers a treasure trove of utilities to its proud holders. Among these benefits is the coveted Pioneer-Pack, which includes Federal Funds – the Soft Currency in the game, allowing players to unlock Commanders and unlock more exciting features. Additionally, the NFT comes with an exclusive Avatar and other exclusive expressions to showcase your status as an OG player.

    The Daily ‘pre-MVRK’ Airdrop: Perhaps the most captivating utility of this NFT is the daily ‘pre-MVRK’ claim in the Space Mavericks Discord. Picture it as a mini daily airdrop that accumulates over time. Upon token release, NFT holders can redeem the accumulated ‘pre-MVRK’ tokens with a well-planned vesting schedule, adding an element of anticipation and reward.

    Minting on Polygon with Magic Eden Launchpad: The Goliath Pioneer Spaceship NFT will be minted exclusively on Polygon, leveraging the network’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Magic Eden’s Launchpad will host the much-anticipated event, ensuring a smooth and secure release process. Following the mint, the NFT will find its place on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace, ready to be admired and acquired by collectors and gamers alike.

    Unlocking Galactic Riches: The Goliath Pioneer Spaceship comes with an array of exciting benefits, including a free Premium Battle Pass for Season 1. This pass will grant players access to premium content and exclusive rewards, adding a thrilling dimension to their interstellar adventures.

    Strong Partnerships: Space Mavericks has aligned with powerful partners to enhance its gaming experience. Seedify played a vital role in launching the project’s token on their launchpad and provided valuable support through their incubation program. Nefta has contributed its expertise in blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a seamless gaming environment. The collaboration with Wombat enabled Space Mavericks to integrate their wallet and participate in their accelerator program, further enriching the overall gaming experience.

    Conclusion: The Goliath Pioneer Spaceship NFT launch by Space Mavericks opens up a new era of galactic exploration, inviting gamers and collectors to become part of a pioneering community. With its unique utilities, daily airdrop rewards, and exclusive partnerships, this NFT represents a gateway to an unparalleled gaming journey. Embrace the cosmos, claim your pioneer status, and embark on an interstellar adventure with Space Mavericks. Don’t miss your chance to become a true OG in the digital galaxy!

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