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    The Deer Club Exclusive PASS

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    NFT Collection Description:

    Introducing the highly sought-after Deer Club Exclusive PASS, or DCE PASS, a limited collection exclusively available on the LasMeta platform. With only 700 pieces to be minted, this rare offering is set to become a prized possession for collectors. The DCE PASS is the ultimate must-have for any serious collector.

    Discover the Advantages of DCE PASS:

    🎁 Extra Token Airdrop: Holders of $LASM tokens during ICO/IDO launches receive an exclusive reward through a 3% airdrop of the purchased amount. DCE PASS holders receive an additional 0.5% airdrop for each pass they own, leading to even greater rewards.

    🔒 Special Staking Bonus: DCE PASS holders enjoy an additional 3% annual staking interest on their $LASM token stakes. Furthermore, for every DCE PASS card owned, an extra +0.75% staking bonus is earned, up to a maximum of 10 passes. Beyond 10 DCE PASS cards, each additional pass adds +0.5% to the staking bonus.

    💰 YIELD: DCE PASS holders are privileged with a monthly yield of 100 $LASM tokens, accessible without any lock-up period. Enjoy the benefits of your DCE PASS ownership with this generous reward.

    🎮 Custom Looks: Stand out in the game as a DCE PASS holder with a special Name Tag showcasing your exclusive status. Let others recognize your esteemed position in the virtual world.

    🃏 Reward Pool Share: DCE PASS holders are entitled to share in the reward pool within the game. Every hour, 5% of the distributed free poker chips in the LasMeta poker gaming metaverse accumulate in the reward pool, which is then distributed among the 700 DCE PASS holders. To claim your rewards, log in to the game every hour and seize the opportunity to receive your well-deserved share.

    Additionally, unclaimed poker chips are converted to $LASM tokens and subsequently burnt from the maximum token supply, ensuring the ongoing value and scarcity of the $LASM ecosystem.

    Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to join the elite ranks of DCE PASS holders. Secure your place in this limited edition collection on the LasMeta platform and unlock a world of benefits, rewards, and prestige. Start your journey with DCE PASS today!

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