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    If you thought TycoonPunks was a blast, then hold onto your hats because we’ve got some electrifying news for you! The creators of the sensational TycoonPunks are back with a bang, and this time it’s all about the little ones – introducing TycoonKidPunks! 🌟

    Calling All TycoonPunks Holders: Get Ready for the Free-Claim Bonanza!

    Here’s an offer you simply can’t resist. If you’re a proud holder of the original TycoonPunks, get ready to dive into the TycoonKidPunks universe with a fabulous deal – a 2/1 Free-Claim from the TycoonKidPunks drop. It’s our way of showing gratitude to the amazing TycoonPunks community that has been our rock throughout this exhilarating journey.

    Secure Your Spot with the Pre-sale Guaranteed WL Form!

    We know you’re eager to get in on the action, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve reserved 50 spots exclusively for our Pre-sale Guaranteed Waitlist! Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure your place in the TycoonKidPunks extravaganza. Hurry and fill out the form at to secure your place in line.

    Mark Your Calendar: Mint Date and Pricing Details

    The moment you’ve been waiting for is almost here! Mark July 28, 2023, 7:00 PM UTC in your calendar because that’s when the minting begins. We’re offering a Pre-sale price of 0.0044 ETH and a Public-sale price of 0.006 ETH, so you can choose the option that suits you best.

    Unveiling TycoonKidPunks: A Universe of Creativity and Diversity

    Prepare to be amazed by the creative marvel that is TycoonKidPunks. This collection features 4,444 unique pieces of hand-designed pixel art, each a masterpiece in its own right with a resolution of 32×32. The TycoonPunks legacy continues with a mesmerizing array of 79 distinct clothing options, brand-new characters, exciting attributes, and a whole lot more!

    Venture into a world where imagination knows no bounds, where you’ll encounter 25x Superheroes and Villains that will leave you awe-inspired. But that’s not all – we’re throwing in 12x Bonus Characters that you’ve never laid eyes on before. Expect to meet Aliens, Apes, Zombies, and a host of other captivating traits that will add a dash of unpredictability to your TycoonKidPunks experience.

    Stay in the Loop: Follow Us on Twitter for Updates!

    Don’t miss out on any of the thrilling updates and news surrounding TycoonKidPunks. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest happenings and sneak peeks that will keep you at the forefront of the TycoonKidPunks revolution.

    Get ready for a ride of epic proportions as TycoonKidPunks takes center stage. With its vibrant creativity, diversity, and the unbeatable offer for TycoonPunks holders, this drop is set to be a game-changer in the world of NFTs. Stay tuned, get excited, and let’s make history together on July 28th!

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