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    Introducing the ‘Drive-to-earn’ Drive& App – Revolutionizing Dynamic Maps with Crypto Rewards

    The world of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) is abuzz with the latest smartphone app that aims to revolutionize the creation of “dynamic maps” through token incentives.

    With its innovative blockchain-based token economy, the app has already achieved remarkable success, mapping over 1 million kilometers in just 2.5 months, outpacing even competitors like Hivemapper.

    This groundbreaking app, known as Drive& App, leverages the power of crypto rewards to incentivize users, leading to a promising future for mapping and navigation.

    A Journey into the World of Dynamic Maps and Crypto Incentives

    The Drive& app, developed by Natix, is on a mission to reshape the way we navigate the world.

    CEO and co-founder, Alireza Ghods, explains that maps hold profound importance for autonomous driving, serving as the lifeline for autonomous objects to operate effectively.

    To build a future where autonomous agents navigate the real world seamlessly, an abundance of data is required.

    Natix has been at the forefront, focusing on a privacy-focused computer vision platform for smartphones since 2020.

    Recently, they closed a $3.5 million seed round, enabling them to pivot towards crypto and explore the potential of DePIN.

    Earn Points With Drive&Amp;
    Earn points with Drive&

    Drive& – The Smart Navigation Solution for All

    Drive& is an app that democratizes mapping and navigation, allowing users to be active contributors to the creation of dynamic maps.

    Unlike traditional apps, Drive& ensures user data privacy by processing imagery in situ, converting it to anonymized data through edge computing.

    This process empowers the creation of dynamic maps, providing valuable information on road congestion, crowd size, available parking spots, and more.

    The project’s white paper highlights the significance of dynamic maps in enabling smart city and smart mobility applications, including crowd management and autonomous driving.

    Scaling with Token Economics

    To unlock the true potential of dynamic maps and gather a substantial data pool, Drive& aims to create a token economy, incentivizing users to actively participate.

    Leonard Dorloechter, co-founder of Peaq, elaborates on their role in providing the blockchain infrastructure for the Natix Network.

    Peaq has won a Polkadot parachain auction, securing a two-year lease, and will cater to DePIN’s specific needs, offering decentralized identity, data storage, access control, and payment modules.

    DePIN – The Promising Concept in Web3

    DePIN, also known as Proof of Physical Work (PoPw), has garnered attention from major players like Multicoin Capital.

    As Natix and Peaq join forces in the DePIN space, they see it as the potential “Frodo Baggins of crypto,” uniting Web3’s most promising fields like IoT/EoT, energy, telecoms, and mobility under one term.

    Embracing the ‘Web 2.5’ Transition

    While the app’s current approach doesn’t directly use crypto, it serves as a strategic onboarding phase for users.

    This “Web 2.5” strategy involves a points system, allowing users to redeem rewards for discounts on consumer electronics.

    Though these rewards are not transferable or exchangeable on independent marketplaces, this approach ensures that users from various backgrounds can engage seamlessly without the need for complex blockchain wallets.

    Educating the Masses – From Points to Crypto Wallets

    Ghods emphasizes the importance of user-centric experiences, stressing that the general public doesn’t necessarily care about blockchain technology.

    Instead, they seek utility, convenience, and value in their daily lives.

    The points system serves as an excellent entry point to introduce users to crypto gradually.

    Over time, as users familiarize themselves with the concept, they may become more inclined to embrace true Web3 economies and governance DAOs, unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology.

    Natix Drive&Amp; App
    NATIX Drive& App; App – Source Natix.Network

    Creating a More Navigable World

    Drive& App’s innovative approach to mapping and navigation, coupled with the power of token incentives, has the potential to create a more efficient and dynamic world for both individuals and businesses.

    As the app gains traction and scales its data pool, we are witnessing the birth of a new era in smart cities and smart mobility applications.

    Natix and Peaq’s collaboration in the DePIN space is poised to accelerate the transformation of IoT/EoT, energy, telecoms, and mobility sectors, uniting them under the banner of dynamic maps and crypto rewards.

    As more users embrace this “Web 2.5” transition, the path to full-fledged crypto wallets and true Web3 economies is laid, promising a brighter future for decentralized navigation and mapping.

    The Road to Decentralized Navigation – Challenges and Opportunities

    As Drive& embarks on its journey to revolutionize navigation with crypto incentives, it faces its fair share of challenges and opportunities.

    One key challenge lies in reaching the critical mass of users required to monetize the network effectively.

    Ghods highlight the importance of having a substantial number of users to make the token economy truly thrive.

    To achieve this, Drive& needs to appeal to a diverse user base, including individuals, businesses, and even autonomous vehicles.

    The app’s early success in mapping 1 million kilometers in just over two months is a testament to its potential appeal.

    By offering a seamless and privacy-focused experience, Drive& attracts users from all walks of life, contributing to the creation of dynamic maps.

    As more users join the platform, the richness of data increases, enhancing the app’s utility and value proposition.

    The Promise of Dynamic Maps

    Dynamic maps have the potential to reshape urban planning, transportation, and navigation as we know it.

    With real-time data on road congestion, crowd sizes, and available parking spots, cities can optimize their infrastructure to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

    For businesses, dynamic maps offer insights into consumer behavior, enabling smarter decision-making and targeted marketing strategies.

    Additionally, the advent of autonomous vehicles heavily relies on dynamic maps to navigate safely and efficiently.

    The project’s white paper emphasizes the role of dynamic maps in smart cities and smart mobility applications.

    By unlocking the true potential of dynamic maps through the token economy, Drive& and its partners aim to drive innovation in urban planning and transportation.

    Peaq and the DePIN Revolution

    Peaq’s involvement in the DePIN revolution is a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology.

    With its Polkadot parachain auction win, Peaq is well-positioned to provide the much-needed decentralized backend for Drive& and other DePIN projects.

    The Peaq team’s expertise in building a layer-1 blockchain infrastructure tailored to DePIN requirements is set to empower dynamic map creation and navigation on an unprecedented scale.

    As the DePIN ecosystem flourishes, we witness the convergence of various industries, ranging from IoT/EoT to energy and mobility.

    The potential for collaboration and synergy between these sectors is immense, opening the doors to new use cases and applications.

    Through DePIN, the fragmented domains of smart city technologies unite, creating a more connected and efficient urban landscape.

    Natix Network App - Move And Earn
    NATIX Network App – Move and Earn

    The Journey Towards Web3 Adoption

    Natix’s strategic approach to transitioning users from “Web 2.5” to full-fledged Web3 participants reflects the industry’s evolving understanding of mass adoption.

    By offering a points-based system that simplifies rewards and discounts, Drive& introduces crypto concepts to users without overwhelming them with complex wallet setups and transaction hashes.

    As users become more familiar with the benefits of the points system and experience the added value it brings to their lives, they are more likely to explore the world of crypto wallets and DeFi.

    The transition from “Web 2.5” to Web3 signifies not only a technological evolution but also a cultural shift towards decentralized and user-centric systems.

    The Future of Navigation – Building Together

    As Drive& and its partners continue to drive innovation in the navigation and mapping space, the future looks promising.

    The success of dynamic maps relies on widespread adoption and active participation from individuals, businesses, and communities.

    The power of blockchain and token incentives creates a collaborative ecosystem where users play an integral role in shaping the landscape of dynamic maps.

    Together, Drive&, Natix, Peaq, and the broader DePIN community are setting a new standard for navigation and urban planning.

    By leveraging the potential of crypto incentives and Web3 technologies, they are unlocking a future where our world becomes more connected, efficient, and accessible to all.

    As we navigate the roads ahead, the vision of decentralized navigation becomes a reality, empowering individuals and autonomous agents alike to explore the world with greater ease and precision.


    In conclusion, the world of navigation and mapping is undergoing a transformative journey with the emergence of the “Drive&” app and the broader “Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks” (DePIN) movement.

    Led by Natix, this innovative smartphone application aims to create “dynamic maps” through token incentives, harnessing the power of blockchain technology and Web3 principles to revolutionize navigation and urban planning.

    The early success of Drive&, with its impressive mapping of 1 million kilometers in just over two months, showcases the potential of crypto incentives in driving user engagement and data collection.

    By offering a seamless and privacy-focused experience, Drive& has attracted thousands of users, providing a fertile ground for the creation of dynamic maps.

    As more users join the platform, the data pool grows, leading to enhanced insights and more efficient navigation solutions.

    The promise of dynamic maps extends beyond convenience for individuals.

    Smart cities and businesses stand to benefit immensely from real-time data on road congestion, crowd sizes, and parking availability.

    The invaluable insights provided by dynamic maps open up new avenues for optimizing infrastructure and making data-driven decisions.

    The collaboration between Natix and Peaq, with its Polkadot parachain win, is a game-changer for the DePIN revolution.

    Peaq’s expertise in building a decentralized backend aligns perfectly with the vision of dynamic maps and navigation.

    The convergence of diverse industries under the DePIN umbrella promises a more connected and efficient urban landscape, revolutionizing how we interact with our surroundings.

    As the world transitions from “Web 2.5” to Web3, Natix’s strategic approach to onboarding users with a points-based system is a testament to the industry’s evolving understanding of mass adoption.

    By simplifying rewards and discounts, Drive& introduces users to the world of crypto without overwhelming them with complex concepts.

    This gradual approach paves the way for a cultural shift towards decentralized and user-centric systems.

    The future of navigation and mapping is a collective endeavor.

    Drive&, Natix, Peaq, and the broader DePIN community are building together towards a more connected, efficient, and accessible world.

    With crypto incentives and Web3 technologies as their driving force, they are shaping a landscape where individuals and autonomous agents navigate with ease and precision.

    As we move forward, the vision of decentralized navigation becomes a reality, offering a glimpse of a future where our world seamlessly blends with technology to empower individuals and create smarter, more dynamic environments.

    The road ahead is promising, and with innovation and collaboration at its core, the future of navigation looks brighter than ever.

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    Glenn Austin
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