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    Globees and BHero: Everything You Must Know for an Informed Travel Adventure

    The digital landscape is undergoing a radical transformation, thanks to the rising influence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

    In this era of change, platforms like Globees are pioneering a new way of approaching vacation rentals.

    With a commitment to eco-responsibility and sustainability, Globees is set to redefine the vacation rental model popularized by platforms like Airbnb.

    Let’s dive into the details of this innovative venture and explore how it’s leveraging the power of blockchain to create a unique ecosystem.

    The Birth of Globees: A Web3 Platform for On-Chain Rentals

    In the realm of seasonal rentals, Globees stands out as a trailblazer.

    The platform’s vision revolves around establishing the first eco-responsible and sustainable European rental platform, and it’s doing so on the MultiversX blockchain (formerly Elrond).

    This choice of blockchain reflects Globees’ dedication to efficiency, transparency, and trustworthy transactions.

    Meet the Visionaries Behind Globees

    Every revolutionary venture has a team driving its success, and Globees is no exception.

    Let’s take a moment to meet the individuals steering the ship:

    • Hakim Korso Tlemsani (CEO & Founder): The visionary leader behind Globees, steering the project towards a sustainable future.
    • Fedia Benammar (COO): Instrumental in ensuring the operational success of Globees.
    • Alexandre Frémont (CTO): The tech genius overseeing the technological aspects of the platform.
    • Sonia Da Conceicao (Artistic Director): Adding a touch of creativity to the project’s identity.
    • Fernando Aranda (CMO): The marketing maestro responsible for spreading the word about Globees.
    • Kahina Achour Tani (Asset Manager): Managing the platform’s valuable assets.
    • Ingrid Ventura (Design Manager): The creative mind behind Globees’ NFT collection.
    • Louise Jagerschmidt (Design Manager): Contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the platform.
    • Axel Lavoie (Developer): The coding expert bringing the platform to life.
    • Pierre Gasnier (Marketing Manager): Strategizing the marketing efforts for Globees.
    • Remy Hervois & David Brooks (CM Managers): Handling community management to keep users engaged.

    Extended Team and Advisors

    • Jérémie (GRM) Cohen, Hugo Manteau, José F. Aznar, Sergi Valero Pujol: Advisors offering their expertise to guide Globees towards success.

    The Launchpad Journey on

    Launching a revolutionary platform requires meticulous planning, and Globees has outlined a detailed timeline on BHero to ensure a smooth takeoff:

    • November 24th – December 2nd: Registration & KYC begins.
    • December 3rd: KYC processing.
    • December 4th – 7th: Buy lottery tickets.
    • December 7th: Announce winning tickets.
    • December 7th: Participants claim BEE/EGLD tokens for winning/losing tickets.
    • Public sale release at TGE: 100%.

    BH.Network Takes Bold Step: Burns 61 Million BHAT Tokens to Propel Project Forward

    A $902,800 Commitment to Long-Term Success

    BH.Network team has demonstrated a commitment to the long-term success of their project.

    The core team of BH.Network recently voted unanimously through Multisig to burn a substantial amount of their native token, $BHAT.

    This strategic decision involved the destruction of all 61 million BHAT tokens from the Unvested Team Multisig Smart Contract before vesting.

    The decision to reduce the token supply through burning aligns with a broader plan outlined by the BH.Network core team, demonstrating a clear commitment to shaping the project’s future.

    CEO Marius Grigoras, expressing the team’s resolution, stated, “And that was it.”

    With this bold action, BH.Network officially declares that there are no longer any BHAT tokens held in the team vested/unvested Multisig Smart Contracts.

    This move is poised to influence the project’s tokenomics and overall ecosystem dynamics.

    Token burning is a strategic maneuver utilized by cryptocurrency projects to manage and control their token supply.

    In this case, the BH.Network team’s decision to burn such a significant number of BHAT tokens indicates a deliberate effort to enhance scarcity and potentially drive value for existing token holders.

    BH.Network’s Transparent Token Burn: Navigating Scarcer Supply and a Strategic Roadmap for Success

    The transparency exhibited by BH.Network in sharing details about the token burn, including the exact amount and market value of the burned tokens, is noteworthy.

    This transparency fosters trust within the community, providing insight into the decision-making process of the project’s core team.

    The implications of this token burn extend beyond the immediate reduction in supply.

    With 61 million BHAT tokens permanently removed from circulation, the remaining tokens become scarcer, potentially fostering increased demand.

    The market dynamics surrounding BHAT will be closely watched by investors and enthusiasts alike to gauge the impact of this strategic move.

    What makes this action even more intriguing is the forward-looking approach outlined by the BH.Network team.

    Marius revealed that the project is set to move forward with the first stage of their plan, aiming for a 200 million BHAT supply by the end of March 2024.

    This indicates a structured and well-thought-out roadmap, providing the community with a clear trajectory for the project’s development.

    The burning of tokens and the subsequent roadmap could potentially position BH.Network as a model for other projects looking to optimize their tokenomics and enhance investor confidence.

    While the cryptocurrency space is often characterized by volatility and uncertainty, strategic moves such as token burns showcase a commitment to stability and sustainability.

    The Globees (BEE) Public Sale: A Lottery-Based Event

    The token sale on the BHero Launchpad is set to be a lottery-based event, adding an element of excitement to the process.

    Here are the key details:

    Token Sale Details:

    • Token Name: BEE
    • Token ID: BEE-cb37b6
    • Hard Cap: $50,000 USD
    • Total Token Supply: 625,000,000 BEE
    • Initial Token Supply: 69,713,542 BEE
    • Total Tokens Allocated to BHero Launchpad: 800,000 BEE (0.128% of Total Token Supply)
    • Public Sale Token Price: 1 BEE ≈ $0.0625
    • Public Sale Ticket Price: $25 USD ~ EGLD
    • Total Winning Tickets: 2,000
    • Token Sale Format: Lottery
    • Funding Currency: EGLD
    • Purchase lottery tickets: December 4th 08:00 UTC – December 7th 12:00 UTC
    • Lottery draw for winning tickets: December 7th: 13:00 UTC
    • Winners claim BEE token: December 7th: 16:00 UTC
    • Max Number of Winning Lottery Tickets: 2,000
    • Allocation Per Winning Ticket: $25 (400 BEE)
    • Supported Currency: EGLD only

    *The ticket price in EGLD will be announced before the buying stage.

    Bhero X Globees Launchpad Timeline
    BHero x Globees Launchpad Timeline

    About Globees: Ecologically Responsible and Sustainable Vacation Rentals

    Globees is not just another vacation rental platform; it’s a commitment to ecologically responsible and sustainable travel.

    Powered by web3 technology on the MultiversX blockchain, Globees leverages the blockchain to track assets efficiently, eliminating unnecessary transactions and maximizing profitability.

    Becoming a Beeser or a Glober: Unveiling the Dual Status

    Globees introduces two distinct yet interconnected statuses: The Glober and The Beeser.

    The Glober:

    This status encompasses the classic Globees platform user, whether they are a traveler or property owner.

    In essence, these are the traditional WEB2 users who engage with the platform for vacation rentals.

    The Beeser:

    The Beeser status is more comprehensive and mainly pertains to investors registered in the Globees project.

    This elevated status opens the door to minting NFTs, unlocking a plethora of web3 features such as discounts, advantages, free rentals, staking center participation, cryptocurrency payments, and the opportunity to become a holiday broker.

    Launchpad to Success: Navigating the Globees Ecosystem

    Globees envisions a vibrant ecosystem that creates value for all stakeholders involved.

    Let’s explore the key elements outlined in the Globees roadmap and whitepaper.

    Globees Ecosystem:

    Designed for the community, the Globees ecosystem aims to offer a fair distribution of control and economic value to those who contribute.

    It seeks to eliminate the misaligned incentives of third-party platforms in the travel industry.

    Beesers & Globers:

    • Beeser: As a project investor, becoming a Beeser allows you to mint NFTs, providing access to passive income.
    • Glober: This status is for users who utilize Globees services for travel, offering a unique ecosystem that transforms travel into an experience.


    Staked NFTs empower Beesers to participate in the annual lottery process, providing a chance to win 11 weeks of rental per property per year.

    Additionally, 25% of each DAO tier is allocated to Beesers.

    DAO – Community:

    As a $BEE token holder, you gain entry into the Globees DAO, enabling you to vote on crucial decisions.

    NFT holders, being part of the community, enjoy discounts and benefits on the platform.

    Built on MultiversX Blockchain:

    The smart contracts on the MultiversX blockchain bring efficiency, transparency, and trust to Globees transactions.

    Ecosystem Advantages:

    • A limited number of NFTs.
    • Boosted rewards system.
    • Discounts range from 5% to 40% for NFT owners on rentals.
    • A lottery system offering 11 weeks of rental per property per year.
    Globees Bee Public Sale Details
    Globees BEE Public Sale Details

    Evolution of Globees: Navigating the Roadmap

    Globees has a well-defined roadmap, outlining its evolution over the coming years.

    Let’s take a peek into the journey planned for this innovative project:

    • Q4 2022: Platform development – Launch of Dapp V1.
    • Q1 2023: Launch of Dapp V2 – Private Sale 1.
    • Q2 2023: Marketplace development – Proto Platform.
    • Q3 2023: Private Sale 2 – MVP Platform.
    • Q4 2023: Launchpad/Listing – Launch of Dapp V3 – NFT Minting/Staking.
    • Q1 2024: Beta DAO – Official Launch of Globees Platform.

    Answers to Your Burning Questions: FAQ Section

    Who Will Own the Properties?

    Globees will own the properties acquired annually.

    Rental income from these properties will serve as rewards paid to investors over the long term.

    The model operates with 70% dependency on arbitration, making it dynamic and influenced by regional demographics and socio-economic factors.

    Benefits for Long-Term $BEE Token Holders:

    Holding $BEE tokens offers a range of benefits, including minting and staking tools for maximizing investments and earning rewards.

    Long-term holders enjoy continual discounts on rentals using NFTs and participate in the yearly Raffle to win rental weeks in Globees’ properties.

    Globees Project as a DAO:

    Absolutely, the Globees project is designed as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

    The native token, $BEE, serves as the governance token, allowing holders to vote on significant decisions outlined in the whitepaper.

    The Story Behind the Name “Globees” and the Bee Icon:

    Globees represent both the globe and the bee.

    Bees, essential to our ecosystem, symbolize the community of Beesers contributing to the eco-responsible project.

    The logo, with its hexagonal shape and mirrored “e, creatively captures the essence of a bee’s head, wings, and body stripes.

    Understanding Globees for First-Time Explorers:

    Globees aims to be the first platform providing ecologically responsible and sustainable vacation rentals exclusively on the Elrond Blockchain.

    It’s not just a token; it’s a commitment to linking decentralized finance with rental real estate, fostering innovation in seasonal rentals while promoting investment and eco-responsibility.

    Long-Term Benefits of Holding $BEE:

    Beyond the ability to buy and sell, holding $BEE tokens is advantageous for long-term investors due to the potential for minting and staking, generating continual passive rewards.

    The demand for the token is expected to rise as the company profits increase, supported by an innovative burning mechanism.

    Vesting of Seed Sale Tokens:

    Seed Sale tokens are vested for the first two years after the public sale, providing a less volatile environment.

    The unlocking of tokens coincides with NFT minting, ensuring a strategic and controlled token release.

    Conclusion: Globees – Where Sustainability Meets Innovation

    In the dynamic landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Globees emerges as a beacon of sustainability and innovation.

    By integrating blockchain technology into the vacation rental sector, Globees not only transforms travel experiences but also fosters a community-driven, eco-responsible approach.

    As the project moves through its roadmap, it aims to redefine the future of seasonal rentals, creating a lasting impact on both the environment and the way we approach travel.

    Explore the possibilities with Globees and join the journey towards a sustainable vacation rental revolution.

    For more details and to be part of the Globees community, visit Globees.

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